Filthy Rich Throw $200,000 Birthday Party for a One-Year Old. It’s OK. They’re Liberals.

Who would have such poor taste to put on an ostentatious and disgusting display like this in a time when many Americans are wondering how they are going to make up that extra $50 or $60 missing from their paychecks? Donald Trump? Mitt Romney? Some other Wall Street fat cat? Not exactly. From Radaronline:

Nothing is too good for Blue Ivy Carter.

For her first birthday last Monday, her parents Beyoncé  and Jay-Z  spent a cool $200,000 on a party for the adorable tot, reports the UK’s Sun  newspaper.

The doting mom and dad hosted a princess-themed party for family and friends. They reportedly spent $95,000 on the finest pink and white roses, and the cake cost just over $2,000.

Toys and gifts for their guests racked up another $30,000.

The truly over-the-top expenditure was for Blue Ivy’s dazzling gift — a spectacular diamond-encrusted Barbie doll that cost $80,000!

Let me go out on a limb and predict that no one is going to demonize them for not giving this money to long-suffering, underpaid school teachers, devoted environmentalists or organizations that assist “undocumented” “dreamers.”

What a great country we live in, where a former drug dealer can become a successful entertainer, and marry another successful entertainer, and they can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams! It’s also a country where an international man of mystery, who was probably born in only one of the two hospitals reported to be the scene of his nativity, and who apparently believed there are 57 states in the U.S., can be re-elected not once, but twice, even though he has engaged in a continuing war on the U.S. Constitution, which he clearly despises. What a country!

I’ll say one thing for Jay-Z and Beyoncè. At least, unlike a certain repellant, big butted resident of Washington, D. C., when they live large, they are spending their own money.


  1. You have no right to determine the amount of money that Beyonce and her spouse spend on a private party but you are apparently so old and bitter (and grifting cash from losers) that you think this is something to cry about. So pathetic. Get a job. If you can, that is. Unless you like internet idiots sending you their cash.

    • My point is that the very same liberals who wailed about Mitt Romney’s wealthy lifestyle–his car elevator, his wife’s horses, etc. etc.–are silent on the ostentatious displays of wealth by the likes of these 2.

  2. Yup a former drug dealer made his money clean JUST LIKE POLITICIANS… U sound mad LOL

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