UPDATED: Fire Sebelius? Like Lois Lerner, She’s Doing EXACTLY What She Was Told

UPDATE: Rep. Leonard Lance’s (R-N.J) House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on October 24 to investigate not only all the problems with the Obamacare website, but also the millions spent to make it work.

A couple of days ago, Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican and fellow Kansan, called on Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to resign over the disastrous rollout of Barack Obama’s “signature achievement.” (Aside: if that’s supposed to be a laugh line, kudos to the comedy writers over at the White House.) Even Obama’s legacy media pals have had to report on the “glitches” in the Obamacare completely non-functional website. First, no one could sign up because when they tried to do so, the website displayed a “come back later” screen, which apparently appeared at all hours of the day and night. In predictably Orwellian fashion, the Regime portrayed the fact that no one could log on to the site as evidence of what a huge success it is. Now we have reports that the few who were somehow able to sign on, may have filed duplicate enrollments, or misidentified family members as children when they are actually spouses, or omitted essential information by leaving data fields blank.

I hate to fall prey the corrosive cynicism that I always deride, but I can think of at least several reasons to believe that these “glitches,” as in a completely non-functional cluster-you-know-what of a website that took over three years to create, are not mistakes or inevitable issues that have to be worked out. Rather, they are DELIBERATE.

Why do I say that? Reason number one is that I know that there is only one thing important to Barack Hussein Obama and the apparatchiks who idolize him and share his desire to “transform” America with his wealth and income redistributionist schemes, and that one thing is political power. Anyone designing an online “marketplace” (another laugh line) would not require people to enter a boatload of personal information before they can browse. Do you have to do that on amazon or Zappos, or any other successful shopping website? Of course not, and that’s because those companies want you to stick around, look around and buy something. This bunch, Obama, Sebelius and Co., aren’t interested in that. They want to collect data on everyone. That’s a much higher priority. They don’t really care if any of the saps that they claim to care so much about are able to get insurance. What difference does that make when this is just a way station to Medicaid for all? No, they want those email addresses and that demographic gold for the next election cycle.

Second, let’s think about the population we’re talking about here, the 15% of people who do no have insurance through their evil, greedy corporate employers. Are these the most computer savvy people in the country do you suppose? Aren’t the same liberals who whine about their inability to get health insurance always telling us how unfair it is that they don’t have computers or access to high speed internet, or cellphones? So, of course, the Oppressed and the Downtrodden are going to help. Help from whom? Why the “navigators,” of course! As in the left-wing, ACORN 2.0 interest groups with whom the Obama regime has already shared lots of our cash. And, of course, while they are “helping” the O and D get their “free” insurance, they can get them registered to vote for democrats who will give them more “free” stuff.

Finally, as previously noted here, they don’t want people to know how much this health “insurance” is actually going to cost. HHS admits that that is one reason that they didn’t include the option to browse before people entered all that personal information. They couldn’t tell people what subsidy they qualify for until they know include, family members, etc. And, as we noted on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, the difference between being an Obamacare winner and loser, as in paying $94/month for health insurance v. $1302/month, is $2000 a year in income.

So, like Lois Lerner before her, Sec. Kathleen Sibelius was only following orders.


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