First They Came for the Bacon. Political Correctness in the Service of Rape by Muslims in the U.K.

Radical Islam

As Eric Holder and Barack Obama would certainly agree, it’s wrong to upset anyone by pointing out that certain racial, ethnic or religious groups are disproportionately represented in crime statistics.  In America, blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes, but that fact is not supposed to be mentioned, lest the truth teller be characterized as “racist.” As we saw in the Michael Brown case, even showing surveillance video of a black person committing a crime will be accused of “character assassination.”  These accusations are designed to intimidate law abiding supporters of law and order and law enforcement into silence while thugs are allowed to steal, loot, and attack decent members of society and their mouthpieces use them as mascots to shakedown government agencies and corporations.

Apparently the U.K. has its own problem with these screeching race hustlers.

From the Washington Post:

Muslims have reacted with horror to a sensational report revealing that 1,400 children were subjected to rapes, abductions and beatings by gangs of men, mostly of Pakistani origin, in the northern English town of Rotherham.

In the report, Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997-2013), lead author Alexis Jay writes that police and government officials turned a blind eye to the horrifying reports reaching them from abused children — almost all of them teenage girls — because of fear that, if widely known, they would stir up anti-Muslim feelings in Britain. …

In an Aug. 26 editorial, the conservative Daily Mail said the majority of British Asians are as horrified by the crimes committed in Rotherham as anyone else in Britain.

But it added: “But the inescapable conclusion is that the dictates of political correctness were placed above the duty to protect children against violent abuse. Could there be any more damning incitement of the warped priorities of British officialdom?”

As we see small businesses in this country cowed into removing a sign even mentioning bacon from a public street because this delicious and popular food is “offensive” to Muslims, are we headed in the same direction? There is precedent for that. For example, last year Subway in the U.K. removed ham and bacon from its menus under pressure from Muslims.


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