FLASHBACK: My Interview with The Man Who Exposed Fauxahontas, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Michael Patrick Leahy

He exposed Fauxahontas.

If the name Michael Patrick Leahy sounds familiar, It could be because you remember this interview back that we did on May 13, 2012. More likely it is because you have seen his terrific reporting about “refugees,” and the connected TB epidemic, over at Breitbart, or heard me discussing this stories often on The Teri O’Brien Show.   You may not remember that he was among the first to expose Elizabeth Warren as a fake Native American. He is not only an author, reporter and conservative activist, but also, as luck would have it, an amateur geneologist.


I know that you will enjoy this interview. It is laugh out loud funny because the assertions by this phony liberal hag Elizabeth Warren are literally laughable, and most people have forgotten (if they ever knew) the actual basis for her claim to be Cherokee heritage. It was–are you ready for this–a cookbook! I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP.

As I have said at least 10,000 times, the Left lies.


  1. Just found out about you because Mike shared your show with me. Love it. I also noticed on the right sidebar of your site, the amazon widget is showing 2 of Elizabeth Warren’s books on your site. I took a pic of it. I just believe you would not be promoting her books and wanted you to see what Amazon is pushing on your site.

    • Hey there Mark, Thanks so much for your comment. No, of course I didn’t know that Amazon is pushing Pocahontas’ books on my site. I guess I wouldn’t mind if it were Pow Wow Chow. 🙂 In all seriousness, I do appreciate the heads up, but even more I appreciate your kind words about my work. I hope to hear from you again. Please consider subscribing to our free newsletter. Merry Christmas!

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