For Once, Obama Won’t Talk About What He “Inherited”

Over the last two and half years, whenever Barack Obama or one of his apparatchiks is confronted with the poor results his economic policies have created, we hear the same tired refrain about the horrific economy that he “inherited.” Of course, these excuse makers ignore any inconvenient facts, such as democrat control of Congress before the One ascended to power, and those pesky numbers that demonstrated just how laughable this hackneyed mantra is.

Last night, when Barack Obama was taking credit (“Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan”) for the the successful execution of the death of mass murderer Osama bin Laden, he failed to mention another inconvenient fact; specifically, that the intel  that led to this magnificent achievement came from–wait for it–Gitmo. From the Washington Examiner:

Some time after Sept. 11, detainees held by the U.S. told interrogators about a man believed to work as a courier for bin Laden, senior administration officials said. The man was described by detainees as a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and “one of the few Al Qaeda couriers trusted by bin laden.”

Initially, intelligence officials only had the man’s nickname, but they discovered his real name four years ago.

We have been tracking this courier for over four years. Our LSM (Lame Stream Media) friends are amazingly silent about this very significant back story.

So, today as the world celebrates, let’s remember who deserves credit: first, the stunning courage and competence of the U.S. military, and second, the policies and procedures put in place by the Bush administration, both of which Barack Obama really did inherit.

No doubt justice has been served by the execution of this contemptible, vicious killer, but he is only one man. The battle against our enemies continues. God bless America.


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  1. You certainly do not hear the dear reader whining about the military or intelligence apparatus that he “inherited”. You certainly don’t hear him giving any credit to President Bush either.

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