Former Congressman Joe Walsh Dishes on the Issues of the Day, Plus the Truth about So-called “Same Sex Marriage:” Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Say what you want about former Congressman Joe Walsh, but you can’t say that he pulls his punches. He will join us, and I’m sure that he won’t mince words as we talk about his new Freedom Movement, and his comments at Sunday’s townhall meeting. Once again, he’s in a center of a controversy of his own making, due to remarks he made at that event, in which he stated that Americans “have grown stupid,” and are “lazy,” and “easily manipulated.” Is he right? If so, what does he suggest that we do about it?

This week, Sen. Rob Portman put on a clinic about why the American people trust used car salesman, carnival barkers and television faith healers more than members of Congress when he explained that his son’s homosexuality inspired him to change his view on the public policy issue of so-called “same sex marriage.” Remarkably, some people criticized him. Seriously? If you can’t do a 180 on the fundamental building block of Western civilization because your son wants to have sex with other men, what kind of country is this?

The Lame Stream Media had a field day mocking the Conservative Political Action Conference, referring to it as a “clown car,” but from here, it looks like the real clown car is Barack Obama’s cabinet. From Sec. of Defense, Chuck “I’ve Just Been Handed a Note” Hagel to Eric “I Haven’t Read it But I Know It’s Unconstitutional” Holder, the current administration is infested with radicals and incompetents. Now, the One has proposed a man to be Secretary of Labor who is both a world class radical, and a racist, but also a probable perjurer, Thomas Perez.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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