Fox News Debate, Carly Fiorina Closing Statement, 8/6/2015

Carly Fiorina was amazing! She showed the boys how it was done. Watch.


  1. Carly is too straight forward which makes other politicians uneasy. Voters are also subconsciously holding her sex against her as they think about women like Hillary and Pelosi. Business wise she is the female version of being trump like, though far more multi informed on subjects at a greater length. She would have talented thinkers around her rather than being a know-it-all. In reality, she can’ t win because lack of a super pac or other financial structure, but she should be named as Vice President for whoever gets the nomination.

    • She’s terrific, and never afraid to look anyone in the eye and tell them the truth. Do you think she would be disadvantaged in consideration for the VP spot because the Establishment hates Sarah Palin so much, and would say “What? Another right-wing woman? That’s not going to work!” Of course, as usual, they would be very wrong, but I think they’d say that. But I’m with you. Screw them, and put this bright, articulate leader on the ticket.

  2. She is so intelligent and so articulate, and she rocked that debate. So impressive! She is going to garner many supporters and campaign contributions after that performance.

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