Fox News Debate Analysis-Lame Stream Media Declares RINO John Kasich Winner, but As Usual They are Wrong

The Lame Stream Media, and even some supposed East Coast Brain Rot afflicted “conservatives,” are praising egotistical and phony Ohio governor John “did I mention that my dad was a mailman?” Kasich. I’m not sure that that’s the best pitch, John. When I think of a mailman, I think of the guy who puts the snail mail, which I despise even if it’s intended for me, addressed to someone three doors, or three blocks down, in our mailbox.

No matter. They swoon for him, especially when he talks about going to a “gay” wedding. The libs at Slate called this crap “gracious and humane.” Let the slobbering begin.

“The court has ruled and I’ll said we’ll accept it.” The court has ruled? You mean like in Dred Scott, Johnny? You mean like in Plessy v. Ferguson? What are you, an imbecile?

If you were following my Twitter feed this morning, you know that I did a series of one word reviews of the performances of the candidates in the “Main Event.” You also know that I think that Carly Fiorina won the “Happy Hour” debate hands down. (Watch her awesome closing statement here.)

I’ll share those one word reviews in a second, but first one overall comment. Like many of you, I had heard that the Establishment GOP had tasked someone to try to “take out” Donald Trump. I just didn’t know that the person or persons selected were the moderators of the debate.

Was it just me or did Megyn Kelly come off as smug and obnoxious? Was she wearing hair extensions? (OK, leave that last one aside, but I think she was.) I have been saying for months that Fox News is in the tank for Jeb Bush, and I think they still are, but they could easily join the rest of the media and switch to another RINO, like the Ohio governor. They were already swooning for him, but when he said he went to “gay” wedding, he sealed the deal. Is  the reason that Fox included him in the top 10, because they know that Jeb’s stumbling, bumbling, talking into his chest, do-over performance doesn’t bode well for the future? I suspect that the answer is yes.

Just this morning, when a friend asked me why the Pope is going to meet with the Oprah, I reminded her how the less-intelligent often confuse Christian charity, which is voluntary, with socialism, which puts a gun to one person’s head to steal his stuff to give to someone more “deserving.” Gov. Kasich has been exploiting that lack of intelligence in trying to justify his moronic Medicaid expansion, which he implemented by doing an end run around the legislature.

One word reviews from 6:30-7:15 a.m. this morning, as promised:

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Rand #Paul: Desperate

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews @JebBush: Pathetic

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Ben #Carson: Smart

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Trump: Fearless

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Kasich: egotistical

#FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews @tedcruz: principled

@cspanwj #FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Rubio: Earnest

@cspanwj #FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Walker: disappointing

@cspanwj #FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Christie Predictable

@cspanwj #FoxNewsDebate #1WordReviews Huckabee: Sincere

And one last tweet:

Screenshot 2015-08-07 12.19.55


  1. So predictable, though, right?

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