Being Free and Ignorant is Impossible, Lying Obama Spinning His Term Away … J. D. Longstreet

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


When my daughter was small, I used to make up totally idiotic, nonsensical, explanations to explain why I had done something incredibly stupid and inexpressibly DUMB.  The stories were intended to be quickly seen through and they always were.  She would giggle and let me know that she knew that I knew that she did not buy my story for one single minute.

It was harmless fun served up by a doting father who knew that his offspring already recognized her father had feet of clay.

Today making up idiotic, nonsensical, stories to explain something incredibly stupid and inexpressibly dumb done by our President — His Royal Majesty B.H. Obama — is referred to as “spinning.”

The difference between the stories of yours truly and those of Obama’s spin meisters is this:  My stories had no malicious intent.

I must tell you the made-up stories coming out of the democratic spin machine to explain the wonderful opportunities made available to American workers who have just had their hours cut until the are now part time employees as opposed to the full time employee status they had had for many years are truly incredible and stupid — and HURTFUL!

We have warned our readers for years that Obama and his  minions really DO believe we are stupid ignoramuses unable to care for ourselves or understand the Constitution or how government is SUPPOSED to operate in this constitutional republic.

Judging from the results of the last two presidential elections I must say there is certainly a basis for arriving at that conclusion for at least half of the electorate, in any event.
But truth be told, the fantastical stories emanating from the West Wing are supremely inferior fabrications unworthy of the high office(s) from which they undulate like so much sausage twisting forth from a sausage grinder.

Look.  Perfume was invented to cover the odiferous smell of body odor wafting from the our unwashed ancestors.  A darn good scrubbing with water and some river bottom sand (if soap wasn’t readily available) would have rid them of the problem, but instead they chose to cover it up.

closepin on nose

It never worked.  It just gave the wearer of the perfume a feeling of confidence that he didn’t stink.  All the while, anyone downwind of the “stinker” now had to contend with two distinctly unpleasant attacks upon their olfactory glands.

That is sort of where we Americans are today. We are contending with two stinking situations.  Hours of employment are being cut and — we are being lied to about it by the government.

When you live from pay check to pay check, as most Americans do today, the reduction, ANY reduction, in working hours hurts horribly.

But then to have some Washington idiot stand before a microphone and tell you that being demoted to part time employment is a good thing is just infuriating.

Now you have the time to write that book you’ve always wanted to write, to start a new business, to spend more time with your family, etc, etc..  All of it is pure bovine scatology and horse hockey.

Any fool knows those extra hours are spent worrying about how the bills are going to be paid, how one will put food on the table for his/her family,  how to keep enough gasoline in the family car to get to and from work,  how to keep the lights and heat on, and a myriad other problems that real families deal with every day.

Writing a book, indeed!  As an author myself, I can attest that writing is not easy when worry for your family’s survival is ever on your mind.  The starving artist syndrome may be acceptable for the artist, but it darn sure is not acceptable for the artist’s family!  And if the said artist is any kind of man/woman at all, they won’t be sitting in front of a computer fabricating a story, or researching for background, they’ll be out pounding the pavement looking for a second, or even third, job to feed cloth and shelter their families.

But,  hey!  This is the American brand of socialism.  How do you like it so far? Huh?
Don’t worry, it WILL get worse. It will devour this country and bring its collapse just as it has all others to try it before America.

It gives me no pleasure, at all, to note that we Americans, in my opinion,  are at the very front edge of a total collapse of our system of government.  Our financial system is teetering over the abyss, too.   When either system goes down it will drag the other down with it.

So, while the spin meisters in Washington, develop their feel-good fairy tales to fool and misguide the gullible among us, our world is crumbling beneath our feet.  Sadly, the spin meisters will most likely succeed in their effort to convince the mob.  I mean, they are playing to the crowd that bought — and continues to buy — the hoax of “global warming” even though it has been proven false.  Last week every contiguous state had snow covering save for one.  Still, the hoax of global warming is considered as truth.  So the elite intelligentsia of the left must feel justified in their efforts to misdirect, misinform, and misguide that dumbed down percentage of Americans simply because there are so many more of them than there are thinking, reasoning, sentient Americans!

Thomas Jefferson once said:  “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

All that is required to demonstrate the validity of Jefferson’s statement above, one has only to consider the America in which we live today.

Liberty and ignorance cannot coexist.  The less ignorant will soon rule the more ignorant.

Knowledge is power, and in our constitutional  republic power is supposed to lodge with the people.  But when the people are ignorant, then knowledge has no home among them and therefore they are at the mercy of the more knowledgeable.  This old expression is undeniably true: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

During the Great Depression, the American people never gave up hope.  They never stopped struggling to better their lot. They simply did not accept that this was the best they could ever hope for.  They fought, struggled, continued to dream, and eventually they broke through into a new and better America that thrived in all adversity.

I don’t see that spirit in modern Americans.  Are we broken?  Is out spirit broken?  I’m beginning to believe so.

When the American  people are willing to lie down and roll over for a rogue government in Washington, then, yes, the country is done for.

J. D. Longstreet



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