Freudian Slip? WATCH Hillary Say “I Will Raise Taxes on the Middle Class”

I do think it’s a Freudian slip. Hillary’s campaign has not retracted or corrected it. Could it be that she’s finally decided to stop incessantly lying?

Naw. Hillary hasn’t decided to tell the truth. This was indeed a Freudian slip, an unintentional swerve into what she really believes, but works very hard to conceal.

Hillary wants to raise a lot of taxes, many of which will affect the “middle class.” (I think that this is a good opportunity for me to say that as a freedom-loving American who completely rejects Marxism, I resent it bitterly when liberals slice and dice us into these groups ostensibly based on our current economic conditions. Do you agree?)

From Forbes:

Mrs. Clinton has said that she wants to raise taxes at the top, and not on middle income Americans making less than $250,000 a year. Yet, she has said she would be fine with a payroll tax hike on all Americans. She also has endorsed a steep soda tax, and even endorsed a 25% national gun tax. Don’t these everyman taxes violate her pledge? Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta has also said that she would be open to a carbon tax. Once again, that could impact many people, directly or indirectly.

In addition, she wants to cap itemized deductions. She wants some sort of “fairness” tax, a surcharge of some kind, a hike in the death tax, and stock trading tax that will hit 401(k) accounts, which I think many “middle class” people have. Read about all of these tax increases at the Forbes article.

More here from Elizabeth Harrington at The Washington Free Beacon, Report: Hillary Clinton Would Hike Taxes By $1.3 Trillion



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