WATCH: Full AMAZING Donald Trump Press Conference

Today, Donald J. Trump held a mesmerizing, brilliant and refreshing clinic aka press conference on how to take on the lying media.

Skip to 36:25 of the press conference to see Donald Trump own the media. Go to ~58:30 to see New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasero tell the media to “get their heads out of their butts” and stop using the vets as props and political shills. BEAUTIFUL!

What do you think of the way Donald Trump handled the media? How about his exposing the fact the media (CNN especially) conspired to try to smear him and his efforts on behalf of veterans?


This guy spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. He isn’t going to take crap from these pantywaists in the media!

When I heard this guy take it to the lying media, I thought of this soundbite:

And here’s how clueless the media is. In its story about how Hillary’s campaign was going to destroy this event, it said the following:

The daylong rollout will also underscore the Clinton campaign’s advantage –with a communications staff of more than a dozen — in the arena of traditional campaign politics. (emphasis mine)
The Trump campaign, which boasts a formal communications department of one, would be hard-pressed to pull off a similarly concerted and coordinated messaging effort, barring proclamations from Trump himself.
Right. The Trump campaign’s “disadvantage” against Hillary is like LeBron James’ disadvantage against this guy:


  1. Can you give me an example of him saying he gets his buildings build with bribes?

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