Miss the Fox GOP Debate? We’ve got you covered. Watch it here.


  1. I have come to view the entire Presidential debate process as little more than a carefully laid out minefield designed to take out as many of the front-running opposition to the Democrats as possible and little more. I rarely bother watching them anymore because I know every single perceived gaffe will be endlessly reported on by the MSM like they’re beating a drum. Substantive issues never get discussed in any sort of depth. Every question presented by the moderators is loaded with “dog whistles” intended to produce the sound bite answers the MSM needs to beat their drums. I find it all rather nauseating and have never once based my vote on how a candidate performs, or fails to perform, in one of these debates.

  2. Absolutely agree. On Sunday’s show, I will play some audio that proves that without a doubt. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ellen M, You will always be my favorite democrat! I hope that you and John are happy and healthy. I think of you every time I drive down Madison Street.

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