Gaffe Clown Gaffe: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 6/26/11

Liberal journalist (please forgive the redundancy)/professional metrosexual Michael Kinsley once famously stated that in Washington, a “gaffe” is when someone accidentally reveals something embarrassing, and true. While this wry comment does capture the essence of the word “gaffe,” that is, a blunder, it focuses on politicians’ tendency to avoid speaking plainly, lest they tell us what they really want to do with our money and our freedom. The mistake to which Kinsley refers is letting the cat out of the bag, but there is also there is also the plain, old garden variety humiliating mistake. Think Joe Biden. Or Barack “57 States” Obama, who just a few weeks ago, signed a remembrance book at Westminster Abbey with the date “24 May 2008.” (Doesn’t he wish.) Here he goes again. His off-PrompTer adventure make his cringe-inducing “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” remark seem almost funny by comparison. Despite his mouthpiece’s attempt to sweep this latest gaffe, committed Thursday at Ft. Drum, New York, under the rug as just another time when “the President mispoke,” confusing two Medal of Honor winners, Sergeant First Class Jared Monti, who was killed in action in 2006 with Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, who was the first living recipient of the MOH to serve in Afghanistan, is a very big deal. It reveals a disregard, even a contempt, for our military that a thousand Dr. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama PSA’s can’t cover up. It says “One dead military guy, another dead military guy, whatever, I’ve got to get to Broadway for another fundraiser.” After dropping in to insult the troops at Ft. Drum, our Dear Reader did travel to the Big Apple to collect some big bucks and chow down on some sweet victuals with some Wall Street fat cats. We have the menu for the $35,000+ soirée, so if you can’t afford lobster salad and seared Kobe Beef and zucchini pomponette, perhaps you can get a vicarious thrill knowing that the One and his rich pals seemed to have a wonderful time. Or maybe you’re thinking like I am: “afford it? I can’t even pronounce most of it.”

Barack Obama doesn’t know the difference between two Medal of Honor winners and Michele Bachman is “the flake?” This morning, Chris Wallace actually asked the former tax attorney, successful business woman, mother of five, foster mother of 23 and member of Congress whether she is in fact a “flake.” Has he been hanging around Jon Stewart a bit too much? Did he ever ask candidate Obama a similar question? And what of Obama? What accounts for his disgusting mix up? Could he be using drugs again? Just asking … What’s your favorite Barack Obama gaffe? Call the show or send me a direct message on Twitter with your pick.

Speaking of adventures, Michelle Obama and her entourage will return from their latest thinly-disguised luxury vacation tomorrow. The Lame Stream Media couldn’t get enough of covering this trip, yet somehow managed during all its slobbering reports to avoid pointing out that Michelle’s “busy schedule” consisted of all the same tourist destinations that any American vacationer would visit when traveling to South Africa and Botswana. The only difference is that we are footing the bill for this latest holiday/ Obama campaign trip. That, and the fact that she met with Nelson Mandela. It must have been interesting to hear the conversation between someone who suffered so much due to a country’s evil racist policies and felt so much justifiable rage, and Michelle Obama. While in Africa, in between doing sets of pushups with Desmond Tutu and thanking those who struggled against apartheid for making it possible for her to live large as FLOTUS, Michelle had to respond to criticism that her husband hasn’t shown sufficient concern for that continent. You’ll never believe what she said in response.

Finally called out by N.J. Governor Chris Christie, Barack Obama can no longer vote present on the looming “debt crisis,” which is not an actual “crisis,” but what Rahm Emanuel meant when he said we shouldn’t let one go to waste; that is, an opportunity to raise taxes, impose bigger government on more people, and terrify old ladies with endless demagoguery. So, tomorrow, he will take over from Joe “Three Letter Word JOBS” Biden on the budget talks. Note to BHO: as the Congressional Budget Office just said last week, a speech like the one you gave in April is not technically a budget. We know that your professors let things like that slide, but real life ain’t Harvard.

Chicago’s new top cop Garry McCarthy’s traveled to Father Michael Pfleiger’s St. Sabina Church and delivered a race-baiting speech, in which he laments the killing of “black and brown children.” Has he mentioned his concern to Planned Parenthood? He also took the opportunity to lash out at the Left’s favorite monster under the bed, Sarah Palin. Perhaps someone can explain how pandering rants about gun control and a former Alaska governor will  stop marauding gangs of wilding teens from robbing and terrorizing innocent residents and visitors to the city of Chicago.

Tune in later for the rest of the story.


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