Gas Prices Rise, Barack Lies, Part 2

Barack Obama and his mouthpieces, like the pudgy buffoonish Robert Gibbs, like to repeat the mantra that “Our domestic oil production is at an eight-year high.” Right, but no thanks to you guys.

For Barack Obama to brag about domestic energy production increasing during his watch is like a medieval doctor, who practices regular bleeding on his patient, taking credit when the patient, by some miracle, recovers. The recovery is in spite of the treatment, not because of it. Here are the facts:

“It is the significant increase in energy production on state and private lands – where Washington has limited control – that is largely responsible for the recent boost in oil production.  According to a new non-partisan analysis of government data, oil production on private and state lands jumped by 14 percent during the last fiscal year.  Production on federal lands, meanwhile, dropped by 11 percent.   Whereas in 2000, federal lands were responsible for 32 percent of total oil production, that figure dropped to 19 percent in 2010.  This trend is almost certain to continue given that the Obama Administration’s draft five-year drilling plan prohibits offshore drilling in new areas, and only allows lease sales to occur in areas that are already open.

As for any recent increases in oil production on federal lands, they can largely be attributed to the policies of previous administrations.  The Natural Resources Committee has more on this and the president’s other dubious energy claims.”


 So, once again, Barack Obama is lying and relying on his LSM buddies to run interference for him to keep his low-information, emotionally-driven voters in line, thinking that his demagogic speeches have any connection to the truth.

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