WATCH: Gavin McInnes Epic Takedown of Idiocy that Single Motherhood Rocks

Single motherhood is not cool! Thanks for pushing back against the destructive, pathological idea that it doesn’t matter if a child is raised by two married parents. Sorry, my selfish sisters. It does!


Single motherhood isn’t always I choice. I get that. Please understand. I know that there are uncontrollable circumstances that result in a woman having to raise a child or children alone without a dad. These situations are heartbreaking, and terrible. The point Mr. McInnes is making is just that, that single motherhood is not something to be celebrated, but rather something to be avoided at all costs. And he’s ABSOLUTELY correct.

Don’t take my word, or Mr. McInnes word for it. No less than a fellow from the liberal Brookings Institution wrote about it in the Washington Post article, “20 years later, it turns out Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown and unmarried moms.”

Warning: Graphic Language


Single motherhood is a tragedy, not a cool lifestyle choice. Taking back America isn’t always about taxes and immigration. It’s also about re-establishing traditional morality and our civil society. Why does the Left want to destroy the traditional family? So that more people will be dependent on the government, of course.  It is long past time to proclaim that marriage matters, especially in the lives of children.

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