Genius? Mark Zuckerberg Hacked for Same Reason as Your Grandma

Grandma likes to use the same password for everything so she won’t forget it (yeah right), and refuses to use a password manager. Just like tech genius Mark Zuckerberg!












Oh and the password of the new dad was “dadada.”

From the Guardian:

Mark Zuckerberg is having a bad Monday.

The Facebook founder briefly lost control of both his Twitter and Pinterest accounts this morning, after a hacker broke in to both, defacing the pages.

If the hacker, who went by the name OurMine, is to be believed, Zuckerberg’s weakness was in re-using passwords: they say they found his details in a database of 117 million passwords hacked from social network LinkedIn in 2012.

From there, they were able to gain access to his Twitter account, where they tweeted “you were in Linkedin Database … DM for proof”, and his Pinterest account, the name of which they changed to read “Hacked By OurMine Team”.

The hackers also claimed to have broken in to Zuckerberg’s account on (Facebook-owned) Instagram, but Facebook denies this happened, telling VentureBeat that: “No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed.”

It’s no surprise when air-headed celebrities like Katy Perry or Jennifer Lawrence are hacked because they use a simple password that is easy to figure out for every site, or because they respond to phishing emails, but Zuckerberg?

This LinkedIn hack was huge, but that shouldn’t be a huge deal UNLESS a person is using the same PW for everything. Best practice: use a DIFFERENT complex password for every online site, and because it’s tough (or impossible) to remember them, use a password manager app to keep track of them.

You’re welcome.


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