German Euroweenie Response to Rape Jihad: A Cartoon?

Look at this cartoon, Mohammed. See the guy touching the woman’s ass with a line through it? That means you!


A cartoon to teach Muslim men not to sexually assault German women? Oh yeah, this idea should be really effective, shouldn’t it? Typical liberal touchy-feely yip yap.

From Fox News: 

“If our criminal and asylum laws can’t discourage perpetrators of sexual harassment and the activity of other offenses, what effect can signs in swimming facilities have?”  Cologne-based lawyer Stefanie Galla told

The codes of conduct and leaflets are being printed in multiple languages, including Arabic and English.  The city of Leipzig also plans to rapidly introduce English signs about appropriate conduct and multi-language information pamphlets.  Security cameras are set to be installed in the swimming facilities. Berlin, the capital of Germany, announced this week that it will introduce behavioral codes and signs for refugees who enter swimming buildings.

The small western town of Hermeskeil now requires that refugees participate in a 30-minute behavioral class before entering public swimming pools. The city requires that the migrants read 10 rules and sign a pledge that they will follow them before issuing an entry card for swimming.

“Swimming is only allowed in swimwear (not in underwear  or  jeans or  t-shirt)!” reads one of the rules.

Some communities have found the education approach lacking. Last week, the town of Bornheim began barring adult male refugees from public swimming facility because of sexual assaults. Bornheim has a population of about 45,000, and has absorbed approximately 800 Muslim refugees.

Point taken, Counselor.

Meanwhile, word is that Angela Merkel’s government says it has lost track of approximately 600,000 of the over 1 million asylum seekers who have poured into the country.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve got a better idea, something that should be a lot more effective than this silly cartoon.



  1. Looks like the woman holding the un is saying “ok, make my day a**hole”‘
    The sign at the beginning would have to be posted at the White House if Hillary were elected and S(l)ick Willy came back. Fat chance!
    They have not accepted the fact that Muslims have no intention of doing anything but taking over and adhering to the Koran. Dummkopf Germans.

    As a first generation German, it is sad that Germany is repeating the complacency of the 30’s except they brought in Merkel and failed to recognize what an East German Communist could do to destroy the country, again. We have been forewarned, but our Muslim in Chief is bound and determined to inflect the same pain here as a payback for our perceived past sins.
    Hopefully the next POTUS can reverse it. Trump is the only one who is not beholding to anything but America. His business will go to hell in a hand basket if this BS continues. Stop the Muslims and close the

  2. What are these so called “refugees” seeking refuge from? Why are they supposedly fleeing from Islamic paradises run by their fellow Muslims to come settle amongst the much hated and filthy infidels who drink alcohol, eat bacon, and let their women walk around without wearing a sheet over their heads? Why are they not behaving like people who are grateful for being given refuge and are instead behaving like a rampaging army taking great delight in terrorizing a conquered foe? To all the trolls out there my questions are largely rhetorical and I’m reasonably confident that I know the answers. I’m mystified as to why more people aren’t asking the same questions or facing the obvious realities that the answers to those questions will inevitably bring.

    • Robert A, it is stunning that people don’t see the obvious reality that you and I do, but remember, common sense is not as common as we’d like. These savages (yes, I said it. Sorry, not sorry, liberals) invading Europe remind me of liberals in our country who screw up a state with their hare-brained policies, then, not wanting to sleep in the bed that they made, get out of dodge, and head to another state, where they proceed to repeat the same damn process! Think California, and the surrounding states. I am optimistic that when we get a new president, less than a year from now, we can reverse the disastrous course of Obama’s “remaking” of America, but as I always say, it’s not enough to just vote any more. We have to become activists and if nothing else, inform our fellow citizens. That’s my mission. Thanks so much for your comment.

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