German Suicide Bomber Had Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

NOTE: This post is an update to this one.


The 27-year old Syrian suicide bomber who injured at least twelve in Germany was an ISIS terrorist.

We reported on this attack earlier today. At that time, the latest information said:

Police said that they do not yet know whether the attacker had a radical Islamist background. The investigation currently focused on the attacker’s communications.

Now we know that this killer had pledged loyalty to ISIS.

From The New York Post:

Bavaria’s top security official says a video has been found on the Ansbach bomber‘s phone showing him pledging allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State group.

Joachim Herrmann says that according to an initial translation of the Arabic-language video the 27-year-old man announced a “revenge” attack against Germany.

Herrmann told reporters Monday that the video strongly suggests the bombing was a “terrorist attack.”

Bavaria’s top security official says Ansbach bomber had received asylum in Bulgaria.
 We have been sounding the alarm about the Obama Regime’s desperate efforts to flood Middle America with unvetted Middle Easterners. We told you that in May, in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, we admitted 441 Syrians. How many were Christians? Five
If you want more of the same, you should vote for Hillary, who has vowed to expand this policy. If you think there might be folks out there who don’t know what is going on below the radar, please share this post.


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