Germany Arrest ISIS Recruiter Posing as Asylum Seeker, Hillary Clinton Wants to Import 65,000 Syrians

From Day Donaldson on Flickr: by Creative Commons License. License here:

From Day Donaldson on Flickr: by Creative Commons License. License here:

Will the arrest of an alleged ISIS recruiter posing as a “refugee,” give Hillary Clinton any pause?

While many “news” programs on network and cable television were reporting on the Emmy Awards, and Dr. Ben Carson’s “controversial” comments about not being in favor of an Islamic president of the United States, Hillary Clinton was shilling for the importation of thousands of Syrian refugees, which we know we cannot vet, into this country. From CBS News:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Sunday that the United States should accept 65,000 refugees from Syria to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis created by the war there.

“We’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II and I think the United States has to do more,” the former secretary of state said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in.”

She said there should be a focus on admitting the most vulnerable, like persecuted religious minorities, or those who had been brutalized, like the Yazidi women.

Clinton also said, “I want the United States to lead the world,” and said the United Nations Secretary General should call for a meeting at the upcoming U.N. General Assembly meeting in which countries make specific commitments about to provide money and aid.

Recall, as noted in this post, which contains a sample letter that you can use to contact your member of Congress to urge him to sponsor a law that would put a stop to this refugee importation insanity until we can take a breath and figure out what’s really going on, that (quoting from the post):

“In June, 2015, Rep. Michael McCaul, Chairman, House Homeland Security Committee, wrote to President Obama, urging him to consider the very serious national security concerns represented by allowing unvetted refugees from the Middle East into our country, something he correctly noted is “very dangerous,” given the statements by terrorists that they plan to exploit the refugee programs to infiltrate the West. The letter notes “[i]n a Committee on Homeland Security hearing held in February, the Director of the National Counterrorism Center acknowledged that refugees from the conflict in Syria and Iraq being admitted to the United States were a ‘population of concern, given the possibility that members of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) of al Qaeda networks such as the al Nusra Front might attempt to exploit refugee programs to gain entry to the United States.”

Obviously, the irony of the fact that Germany, suffering from incurable guilt over its Nazi past, is choosing to allow its country to be overrun and transformed by people who never miss an opportunity to tell us how they want to kill Jews and destroy Israel is lost on Prime Minister Angela Merkel. One has to wonder if this story will give her any pause. From the Clarion Project:

A 21-year old from Morocco has been arrested by German authorities at a refugee center near Stuttgart on suspicion of being an Islamic State recruiter. The man was sought under a European arrest warrant issued by Spanish authorities. He used a false identity to pose as an asylum seeker.

According to The New Observer, this is the first time German authorities have arrested a terror suspect masquerading as an asylum seeker.

At the same time it was reported the German government seized 10,000 fake Syrian passports, which are being sold to those seeking to gain entry to the EU for around $1,500 each. Possession of a Syrian passport makes claiming asylum a lot easier.

Out of 213,000 migrants who arrived in April, only 44,000 were from Syria, according to figures from Eurostat, the official EU statistics agency. Others come from a variety of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and across North Africa.

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to talk about her obvious violation of the Espionage Act, or last Friday’s email document dump from her troika of trusted aides, perhaps someone should ask her about how she would  make sure we aren’t letting in ISIS recruiters.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider going over to that post I mentioned, and using the sample letter to contact your member of Congress. People who passively sit back and watch while our country is being destroyed are not worthy of the name “Americans.”


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