Here We Go Again: Chipotle Closes Store, Employee Has Norovirus

Unlike GMO’s, norovirus is all natural, Hippies!

From CBS Boston:

Chipotle in Billerica has been shut down temporarily after an employee was diagnosed with norovirus and two others reported similar symptoms.

By late Tuesday, cleanup crews had arrived with sanitation supplies in tow. Customer after customer arrived to find a familiar sign on the door.

“Disappointed they’re closed again,” said customer Tim Wood.

The Chipotle in Billerica voluntarily closed earlier in the day after four employees called out sick. One of those employees tested positive for norovirus, two others are suspected to have the virus. Cases among customers have not been reported.

The Board of Health was immediately notified and work began.

“I think the restaurant is doing everything possible to sanitize and bring everything back to a cleanliness state to reopen,” said Sandra Giroux of the Billerica Board of Health.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that these “farm to table” “all natural” places where this chain has committed to purchase its food might just have a problem with illegal alien employees?


  1. I blame Montezuma. He always claimed he could deliver Revenge after we tore down his wall and made a song about it. You know: “From the Walls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…” We need to rebuild that Wall ASAP, before Trump gets all the credit and the naming rights.

    • M, I think you need to check out the actual lyrics of the Marine Corps hymn, which I am certain wasn’t written by Montezuma, but you’re right about the revenge thing. YES we do need to build that wall, and if these dimwitted hippies insist on getting all their food from these “farm to table” suppliers, who clearly don’t have the resources to make sure their stuff isn’t contaminated, we need to avoid the restaurants like the plague, which is what they will be serving up next!

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