VIDEO: Here They Go Again: Operatives for Dem Senatorial Candidate Says Vote Fraud “Cool” and “Awesome!”

Just a couple of days after the One actually admitted that voter ID laws don’t prevent anyone from voting, an operative for a left-wing group, Work for Progress, working to re-elect Colorado democrat senator Mark Udall aka “Mark Uterus,” enthusiastically supports using Colorado’s ridiculous vote by mail system to commit vote fraud. So does one for the “non-partisan” Greenpeace.

Thanks for all you do, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. As you well know, the Left never changes it’s despicable playbook, so you’ll always have another sting on the horizon.

Rev. Sharpton, do you still say there’s no vote fraud? Of course you don’t because you not only know there is. Like these clowns, you encourage it!


  1. It became apparent to me years ago that liberal Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. Giddy with their success, they no longer feel the need to conceal their activities.

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