Good Guy with a Gun Saves Lives in MN Terror Attack

Good guy with a gun: Jason Falconer, a part-time police officer, owner of a firearms training business and an award-winning marksman, stopped Crossroads Mall slasher, Dahir Adan. (Yes, never doubt me. As I told you during the first hour of yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, fact that authorities wouldn’t identify him meant he was a member of that wonderful Somali refugee community that has contributed so much to the “diversity” of Minnesota. More about that here, including Somali rampage in a suburban Minneapolis neighborhood. Here’s another interesting and related story, Somalis suing in PA, dissatisfied with their free education because it wasn’t what they deserved.)


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis said at a news conference Sunday that Falconer’s “life was clearly in danger” during what had been an uneventful shopping trip for the part-time officer in Avon, Minn.

Kleis said video from inside the mall shows Falconer shooting once and the attacker falling and getting back up three times. At another point, the man lunges toward the officer with a knife.

“Officer Falconer was there at the right time and the right place,” Kleis said. That place, where the assailant died, was inside Macy’s.

St. Cloud Police Chief William Anderson said “this could have been much, much worse” if not for Falconer’s “swift and direct” response to the chaos.

Along with being president and owner of Tactical Advantage and Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, the 43-year-old Falconer’s professional bio notes that he has assisted St. Cloud State University with law enforcement training “in the disciplines of decision shooting and dynamic entry” in realistic situations. He says his training is also beneficial for “responsible citizens” who might find themselves in life-threatening peril.

Damn straight. The armed citizen, more good guys and gals with guns, will always be an essential part of keeping us safe, as they have been throughout the history of this country.

Of course, hypocritical phony democrats are praising Officer Falconer, while they support a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who, no matter what her media protectors say,  is out to destroy the 2nd Amendment.


  1. Thank God! It is a miracle that no one was killed over the weekend by these Islamic lunatics!

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