ViDEO: Good Little Goose-Stepper George Stephanoupolos Serves His Leftist Masters Again

George Stephanopoulos, Political Hitman, Strikes Again

As we noted on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, democrat apparatchik turned “journalist”/Good Moron America host George Stephanopoulos was up to his old tricks again last Sunday, reprising the stunt that worked so well back in January 7, 2012. Remember this bizarre, bullying of Mitt Romney. Out of the blue, George got the ball rolling on the dems “War on Women” meme with a question on states banning contraception, completely out of left field.

The former senior political advisor to Bill Clinton, who presided over his 1992 election “War Room,” continues in his role as a paid political hitman, as we saw during his interview last Sunday of Gov. Mike Pence. Badgering the governor with his incessant “it’s a yes or no question!” George resembled an interrogator at a show trial in a totalitarian regime, for example, Roland Freisler.

Many on the Left are celebrating what they are describing as a backtracking by Gov. Pence, his announcement today that he wants the legislature to send him a bill clarifying the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he signed last week. They are correct. He was bullied by the mob, a mob consisting of the Gay Gestapo, enabled by a slobbering, sycophantic Lame Stream Media.

Someone posted on one of my social network sites earlier today that I was wrong when I characterized Gov. Pence’s action as a pathetic fold, pointing out that the Indiana law was not identical to the federal RFRA, suggesting that that was the reason for the insane hysteria inspired by this innocuous measure. He has a lot more confidence in the level of knowledge of history and law of the people I have seen pontificating and telling lies about Indiana’s RFRA. They seem to fall into 3 camps: (1) Militant, Stalinist propagandists who don’t give a fig about the truth, but have an “ends justify the means” approach to every issue, especially so-called “gay rights,” (2) emotionally-driven fools whose number one value is what they call “fairness,” liberty be damned (think the typical brainwashed, ignorant millennial) and (3) the goose-stepping apparatchiks who see political benefits from ginning up contributions from one of their mascot groups, mobilizing their base voters and smearing Mike Pence, thereby eliminating him as a potential Presidential candidate.

I don’t think that there is a chance in hell that 1 out of 100 of the 1st and 2nd groups has a clue how RFRA came about, when it was signed, who introduced it in Congress and what the vote was (you can find out all of that information on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show). They also have no clue whether the Indiana law is identical to any other statute. Statute? Are you kidding? Many of these people are lucky to find their way home at night. Group 3 doesn’t care. The Left lies, which is a feature, not a bug.

Prior to this law’s enactment last week, and even now, it’s perfectly legal in Indiana to refuse service to homosexuals. They are not protected by any state law there. Should they be? That should up to the people of Indiana, not a bullying mob, which includes the afore-mentioned Lame Stream Media, spineless corporate executives who don’t know what they are talking about, and don’t care, weasel democrat politicians, and the militant homosexual mafia. The 1964 Civil Rights Act doesn’t cover discrimination against homosexuals, either. Why aren’t the people outraged over this law outraged about that? Why aren’t the ignorant fools who want to boycott Indiana because of the state’s “bigotry” boycotting the whole country, which is subject to a federal RFRA? Why would any business owner turn away business unless it was a matter of conscience? This “controversy” is the stupidest thing in the world!

I reject the suggestion that Indiana has any obligation to pass a law that mirrors the federal statute or any other state law. Why should they have to do that? What happened to federalism? Is that another part of the system brilliantly established by the Founders that we must discard in the lawless age of Obama?

Gov. Pence would have said just that if he hadn’t been bullied. It’s a shame.


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