GOP Debate: Absent Trump, Pretty Much a Snooze Featuring Muslim Activist

Last night’s Trump Free Debate: Does anyone think that it changed anyone’s mind? Why did Fox feel the need to invite anti-Trump YouTuber who bleats on about “Islamophobia?”

Here’s one of the people that Fox News chose to invite to last night’s debate. The fact that she endlessly uses the word “Islamophobia,” a term that is designed to silence any discussion of the very real issue of Islamist terror, is a dead giveaway, as is her mention of “hatred” on the part of some presidential candidates. Is it “hatred” to want to know who is coming into this country? Can you say “Tashfeen Malik?” Notice how in this video, this Muslim activist posts a tweet about Trump that she had to retract!
As always, I watched so you don’t have to, this time, the GOP Debate on Fox News channel. I was waiting for one of the candidates to have a real breakout moment, but unfortunately, it wasn’t there.

That said, let me share what’s in my notes from last night’s non-event.


Donald Trump

Please don’t start accusing me of endorsing Donald Trump. I haven’t, and I think many of the criticisms leveled against him are justified and accurate. Still, I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that he plays the media like a fiddle. Right before the Fox News debate, CNN ran an interview in which Trump revealed that Fox News had apologized to him, but that unfortunately that came too late for him to cancel his event for veterans. He controls them when he’s in their little shows AND when he’s not. He is the ringmaster of the media circus, and last night was no exception.

Marco Rubio

The Florida senator did well by making a strong pitch to the evangelicals that are so important in Iowa, although he stumbled a bit trying to explain his flip-flops on the issue of illegal immigration and amnesty. His line about Bernie Sanders being a great candidate for president of Sweden was one of the most re-tweeted comments about the debate. It was also great when she said that one of her first acts is president would be to pardon herself.

Jeb Bush

He reminded me of the shy kid afraid to raise his hand when the class smarty pants is there, realizing that his nemesis wasn’t there. Without Trump there to intimidate him, Jeb had his best performance in any debate, however, that’s a bit like being the tallest building in Wichita. He doesn’t have a prayer of winning in Iowa, but he could do well in New Hampshire, a great state for RINO’s because democrats can cross over. That’s unfortunate, because like John Kasich, he should just go away.

Chris Christie

Even though he wouldn’t answer any questions directly, he did go after Hillary Clinton in a very effective way, pointing out that she put our national security at risk for her “convenience.”


Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz was trying to be funny, but he came across as petulant, argumentative and artificial. He argued with Chris Wallace about the rules. He made a lame joke about leaving the stage that fell flat. He said “If I am elected president, keep an eye on the tarmac, because I’ll be back, because Iowa in 2017 will not be fly-over country. It will be fly-to country.” Huh? What the hell was that? Blatant pandering? I’m not even sure what it meant. He will probably come in 2nd on Monday night, but this performance didn’t really help him.

John Kasich

The usual blah blah blah from this pathetic RINO. Asked why he rejects the “establishment” label, he replied  Well, first of all, I had a national reporter say, you know, there’s three lanes. There’s the establishment lane, the anti- establishment lane, and then there’s the Kasich lane.” I’ll be generous and play along, and say I’d like to know who that “reporter” was, probably Chris Matthews or someone of that ilk. Or maybe it was Megyn Kelly, who last night said ” you’re a good man, Governor Kasich.” He also said “You see, ladies and gentlemen, at the end of the day, I’m an optimist.” Obviously, or you would have read the handwriting on the wall and quit a long time ago.

Not Sure Whether These Guys Belong in Either Category

Ben Carson

He made the very essential and correct point that “You know, need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies, because it’s going to kill us if we don’t.” He also noted “And in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2006 in Texas, they had a memorandum, an explanatory memorandum that talked about the fact that Americans would be easy to overcome and to commit civilization jihad because they were going to be trying to protect the rights of the very people who were trying to subvert them.” Another good point: “We last year there was an additional 81,000 pages of government regulations. If you stack that up it would be a three-story building. This is absolutely absurd. And, they’ve insinuated themselves into everything.” It was bizarre, though, when he recited the Preamble of Constitution as his closing statement.

Rand Paul

He may have a point about criminal justice reform, but given Obama’s recent race-based release of drug felons, and the illegal alien crime spree going on in this country, I don’t think that this issue resonates with most voters today. His isolationist posture, and desire to cut the defense budget is also out of sync with where most voters are today in the age of the rice of ISIS.

What was your takeaway from last night’s debate? Did you watch? Even if not, has any of the coverage that you’ve seen changed your mind? Who will win the Iowa caucuses on Monday. Please comment below.


  1. I’m not suffering from Islamo-phobia, I’m suffering from Islamo-antipathy, and it has given me a chronic case of Islamo-abhorrence as a result.

    • Yes, that’s one of those Alinskyite terms that is a red flag that the speaker has an agenda to silence any criticism of the subject being discussed. Why do you suppose, given all the millions of broadcasters on YouTube, Fox News chose this woman?

  2. Oops, missed FAUX News debate. Tuned in to Trump on CNN. Trump had a special guest –
    Staff Sgt. John Wayne Walding — Silver Star July 24, 2010 Afghanistan, Heroes, Military, War on Terror, WOT Heroes and Sniper. He was the only one legged Green Beret to qualify. He spoke for 10 + minutes and the crowd appreciated him (
    The rally raised over $6 M for a whole list of Vet groups, but NOT Wounded Warrior Project. Guess Trumps crew researched them. The give out ONLY 60 % of the money.

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