GOP’s 2008 Do-Over Plan

When we were kids playing softball, sometimes we’d allow a friend a “do over,” a second chance to try to hit the ball in fair territory, or otherwise undo the results of a bad concept or bad execution. Apparently, in the upcoming presidential election, some members of the Republican party are determined to try their own version of a do over with a slight twist: instead of using the opportunity to try again and get a better result, they have decided to repeat the 2008 election, “Groundhog Day” style, with the goal of once again achieving dismal failure for the party and continuing destruction of the country. Since apparently their 2008 standard bearer,  John “Yosemite Sam” McCain, isn’t available, probably because he’s too busy sniping at current Republican presidential hopefuls, many establishment types are investing their hopes in former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, who officially announced his candidacy today. In a shocking turn of events, many members of the Lame Stream Media are also very excited about Huntsman’s candidacy. The Obama campaign assures everyone that they are terrified by the thought of running against their former co-worker.

As you know, I watch so you don’t have to, and I watched this announcement live. If you missed it, and plan to watch any of it later, let me give you heads up that might help you avoid the horrific accident that almost befell me. Don’t view this event, or even a part of it, while operating machinery or engaging in strenuous exercise. I never thought it was possible to fall asleep while huffing and puffing away on the treadmill, but that’s what almost happened to me this morning. I was one head-jerking second from doing exactly that and landing face first on that moving belt during this borefest. I haven’t nearly nodded off this many times since my college geology colloquium, a class held at 3 pm, featuring endless slideshows in a darkened warm classroom. A word to the wise should be sufficient. Stay away from this guy, his stultifying speeches, and his milquetoast, sure loser campaign.

I managed to avoid nodding off long enough to hear Mr. Huntsman’s nauseating condemnation of the terrible “corrosive” politics of our day, and his pledge to run a campaign of “civility.” See what I mean about “Groundhog Day?”

I was struck by this particular paragraph at the beginning of the speech:

“Perhaps, saddest of all, we have lost faith in ourselves. For the first time in history, we are passing down to the next generation a country that is less powerful, less compassionate, less competitive and less confident than the one we got.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is totally unacceptable and it is totally un-American.

And it need not, must not, will not be our permanent condition. We will not be the first American generation that lets down the next generation.

We have the power, we have the means, we have the character to astonish the world again by making from adversity a new and better country; this inexhaustible land of promise and opportunity.

You see, we have everything a nation could hope for. We have our freedom, we have rule of law, the longest surviving Constitution and our abiding belief in personal responsibility.

We have freedom of speech, religion and press.

We produce a quarter of the world’s GDP.

And we are the most productive society on earth.”

Mr. Huntsman was a member of the administration that creating the very situation he deplores. We have the longest surviving Constitution, but we won’t have it for long if his former boss succeeds in “remaking” America. Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at the U.S. Constitution from Day One, which is just about the time that Jon Huntsman joined his administration as ambassador to China. The big government that Barack Obama views as the solution to every human problem infringes on our freedom incessantly. His signature “accomplishment,” Obamacare, is the most intrusive, freedom-destroying legislation every enacted in America, giving government control over individual citizens in ways that have yet to be revealed, and won’t be until “the Secretary shall decide.” Unless its effects can be undone, his profligate spending condemns future generations to less opportunity and less prosperity. His crony capitalism makes a mockery of the rule of law.  If Mr. Huntsman was concerned about the state of our country, how could he continue to be a part of the administration that is attempting to destroy it?  Say what you want about some of our leftist friends, but some of them stick to their wrong-headed principles. Back in 1996, Peter Edelman, husband of uber-lefty Marian Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund, quit his job at the Department of Health and Human Services because he was so unhappy that Bill Clinton finally signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act a.k.a. welfare reform. Mr. Edelman couldn’t remain a part of an administration that had policies with which he profoundly disagreed.  Why didn’t Mr. Huntsman resign from his Obama administration job, citing his policy disagreements with the regime? Instead, he continues to praise Barack Obama. Let’s see: a former employee of the incumbent president, who continues to sing his praises decides to challenge him with a campaign promising “civility.” What could possibly go wrong? I think we’ve seen this movie before, and I didn’t like it the first time.

Then there’s the lurking potential issue of his family’s business, Huntsman Corp., the source of much of the funding for his successful gubernatorial campaigns, and its past dealings with Iran. Although completely legal, this potential PR disaster, caused the company to pull the plug on it in 2010. Somehow the slobbering LSM, no doubt hoping to emulate Gov. Huntsman’s civility, hasn’t mentioned the Iran story much.

Given the abysmal economy, the exploding middle East, the mountain of broken promises and the general crabby mood of the public brought on by the whole mess, Obama is more vulnerable than a pinkie mouse in a snake’s tank. As we discussed on the Teri O’Brien Show last Sunday, some commentators even think he might be considering pulling an LBJ, and not running at all. I disagreed with that idea even before this Huntsman announcement, but if we were trying to imagine a tonic for the Obamabots wilting enthusiasm, this guy is it. Short of B. Hussein having Superman’s ability to reverse the rotation of the earth and turn back time, which I suspect he might, given what he wrote in that book at Westminster Abbey, and run his 2008 campaign all over again, what could be better for him?


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