VIDEO: Gov. Mike Pence on “Meet the Press,” Sunday 10/16/16

As promised on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, here is the interview that a very antagonistic Chuck Todd did with GOP Vice Presidential candidate, the very articulate and confidence-inspiring, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

I didn’t have time to play any audio from this interview with Gov. Pence on yesterday’s show, which was unfortunate. Watch as Gov. Pence calls out the corrupt media very effectively, for their ignoring an “avalanche” of negative news about Hillary Clinton’s crimes and corruption exposed by Wikileaks.

For a study in contrasts, compare this interview with Chuck’s softball fest interview of Joe Biden. Note Chuck’s insistence, at ~2:09,  that the accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump are “not unsubstantiated,” but rather “unproven.” (Repeated at ~8:08)

At 5:53, Gov. Pence notes that the president of France has blamed the Obama Regime’s feckless Syria policy for emboldening Russia.

At 8:26, Chuck invokes someone named Bill Kristol, as if. As if anyone gives a rat’s rear end what this person thinks.

At the end, Chuck Toady suggests that calling out the bias of the dinosaur media may be “undermining our democracy” and accuses Gov. Pence of “attacking” the media. Right. As I always say, liberals don’t get mad when you lie about them. They get mad when you tell the truth about them.


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