Gov. Nikki Haley’ s Establishment Slip Has Been Showing for a While

Gov. Nikki Haley: New Liberal Media Darling Wins Praise by Dissing Her Party’s Frontrunners

Nikki Haley

Gov. Nikki Haley’s State of the Union response proved that a Republican can do what is a very risky gig without becoming a laughingstock. She did a workmanlike job that didn’t do her any obvious harm, at least in the short term. It was very disappointing to see that she clearly decided that the way to do that way to diss the GOP presidential candidates who currently command the support of over 50% of the party’s electorate, Donald J. Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. With that going for her, she probably could have even lunged for a bottle of water midway through the thing and still won the praise of the East Coast Brain Rot afflicted elites.

Some were surprised to see that she has fallen in with the GOP Establishment, but not readers here or listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show. Remember back in August, 2015, when we expressed distress over her desire to invite “refugees” from jihadist hot beds to settle in South Carolina, while at the same time self-righteously declaring her commitment to protecting the citizens of South Carolina by opposing the housing of Gitmo detainees there? Who wants to “seed” American communities with  Muslim “refugees” from jihadist hotbeds, not only in South Carolina, but all over the country? Two groups: Democrats, eager for poorly-educated, dependent people who are natural democrat voters and the crony capitalists in the Chamber of Commerce, who want cheap labor that will depress wages.

So, last night, she joins the “I’m a darling of the liberal media” by ripping Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Sad, but not a surprise given this earlier refugee thing.


  1. I lost any respect for her for her speech. RINO to the rotten core! She can join Jindal behind the woodshed!

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