Great Job So Far, But Like A Zombie, It’s Always Possible That Amnesty Will Rise Again

You guys did it, so far. As we discussed on last Sunday’s show, and as I warned you on the first edition of The Teri O’Brien Show of 2014, featuring another A-List guest, the legendary Phyllis Schlafy, the elites in both major political parties were getting ready to sell us out on the issue of “comprehensive immigration reform” aka amnesty for illegals. Yesterday we learned that the House GOP had gotten the message. From the Washington Post:

A week after signaling that House Republicans would pursue an overhaul of immigration laws, Speaker John A. Boehner declared Thursday that his caucus is unlikely to move forward until President Obama gains their trust.

“There’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws,” Boehner (R-Ohio) said during a midday news conference at the Capitol. “And it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.”

It was only a few months ago that Marco Rubio, who I warned against going into conference with Sen. Chuck Schumer, where he would surely have gotten rolled BIG TIME, said that it was precisely because we couldn’t trust Obama that we had to enact amnesty. In other words, he’s going to do it anyway, so let’s do it for him. Yes, that DOES sound stupid. Fortunately he has backed off of that foolish argument.

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