Great Minds Think Alike, or Rush with O’Brien Echo Syndrome?

As usual, listeners to the Teri O’Brien Show are WAY ahead of the curve. Once again, they heard on Sunday what others hear on Monday, or even later in the week.

On last Sunday’s (2/12/12) show, as noted in the Show Notes for that edition of the program posted yesterday, I presented the theory that the Regime’s attempt to make last week’s exposure of the naked coercion required to implement Obamacare about contraception explains George Stephanopolous’ grilling of Mitt Romney about that subject back on 1/7/12. At the time, no one could understand where that came from. As I explained last Sunday, now it makes sense. Here’s the audio:


Then last night on Hannity’s show, Dick Morris presented the same theory, an event the Rush described on his show today, nearly 48 hours after we mentioned it on the Teri O’Brien Show. Here’s that audio:


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