Groundhog Day: Obama’s Proposed Tax and Spend Federal Budget

It’s Groundhog Day, perfect day for the debut of Obama’s tax and spend federal budget

As I say constantly on The Teri O’Brien Show, and in this space, the Left has got to get some new writers. Apparently, B. Hussein Obama is not convinced. When he was announcing his outreach to his fellow commies, the heinous Castro brothers, he said that when something hasn’t worked for 50 years, it’s time to do something else. Ok, then. The Left has tried this confiscate-and-redistribute routine for 100 years. How’s that worked out in the old Soviet Union, North Korea, and Cuba? Of course, facts and reality don’t matter to a rigid ideologue determined to construct a shining path to a socialist utopia, which, sadly, is the guy currently occupying the Oval Office, especially one who is so delusional that he actually believes that he “saved” the American economy. If you heard yesterday’s show, you heard him make that stunning claim.That $18 trillion debt, most of it rung up by the Jackass himself, doesn’t seem to concern him one bit.

Now that he’s announced “Mission Accomplished” on our economy, which has posted growth below 3% for the entire time he’s been in office, happy days are here again! Time to crank up the printing presses, and time for you, Taxpayer, to bend over. From Fox News:

President Obama is sending Congress an ambitious budget plan Monday that includes a half-trillion-dollar public works program and an array of tax increases meant to fund a host of other agenda items — in what Republicans are ripping as a tax-and-spend document that does little to restrain the soaring $18 trillion debt.

The president’s $4 trillion budget hinges on what Obama calls “middle-class economics,” seeking tax breaks for many Americans while imposing increases on top earners, corporations and particularly the financial sector.

And it’s Groundhog Day. Of course.


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