Guccifer and his Pet Crickets

Only We can keep Journalists Quiet

Only We can keep Journalists Quiet

A little over a month ago, the hacker extraordinaire Guccifer pilfered the sister of former President George W. Bush’s e-mail account. The press had a field day chortling over self-portraits President Bush painted of himself. Not so funny was the e-mail that disclosed George H.W. Bush was so close to his maker that a team was practicing for his imminent demise. G.W. Bush was preparing an eulogy. Serious stuff. Stuff First Lady Barbara Bush didn’t need to hear. The effort to keep Mrs. Bush unaware of the preparations was specifically noted in the e-mails.

That didn’t stop the press from publishing the contents of private e-mails.

When Sarah Palin’s e-mail was hacked by David Kernell, the press loved it. David Kernell is the son of Democratic Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell. Facing 20 years in prison, he received a year and a day. Hardly motivation for others to avoid this behavior.

Then last week we had Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and a slew of others get their credit reports and other information stolen.

All of a sudden it isn’t funny anymore to the press. This hacker left this for Michelle Obama:

‘Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle. <3’

Perhaps a reference to the hacker not being able to verify Barrack Obama’s Social Security Number. (/sarc off) No, I won’t link to Orly Taitz. GGIFY

In any event, the press did their level best to keep that site a secret. Actually, it was pretty bland if you ask me.

Then, just as that crisis was winding down and Hillary was distracting everyone with her gay marriage announcement, word came the Sidney Blumenthal was hacked.

Armed with confidential memos to Hillary Clinton that were stolen from the e-mail account of a former White House aide, a hacker has distributed some of the documents to a wide array of congressional aides, political figures, and journalists worldwide.

In a series of weekend e-mail blasts, the hacker known as “Guccifer” disseminated four recent memos to Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of the former Secretary of State.

The 64-year-old Blumenthal, who worked as a senior White House adviser to President Bill Clinton, had his AOL e-mail account hacked last week by “Guccifer,”

This guy is advising the Secretary of State with an AOL account? Yikes! We are in trouble.

Most of the e-mail recipients were sent four separate memos that were e-mailed to Clinton by Blumenthal during the past five months. Each memo dealt with assorted developments in Libya, including the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. One memo marked “Confidential” was sent to Clinton on September 12.

Now before you get all ‘smoking gun’ on me, it’s against the law for classified material to be on a unauthorized (read: non-governmental) computer. Therefore, it isn’t likely that Mrs. Clinton would use her government computer to send Sidney Blumenthal anything that would get her in trouble. His computer would be unauthorized. She would know this by the heat EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson took. She was forced to resign.

Nevertheless, the press has been incredibly silent. So silent you can hear the crickets chirping. This sort of thing doesn’t stay quiet forever, tho. This Guccifer sent these e-mails to “hundreds” of journalists.

While the majority of the journalists to whom he sent the Blumenthal memos are based in the U.S., “Guccifer” also sent the documents (in a separate e-mail) to about two dozen reporters working for Russian outlets like Pravda, the Moscow Times, The St. Petersburg Times, and the RT news channel.

Our journalists might be able to hold out releasing these e-mails, but the Russians? I don’t think so.

In other news, Reince Priebus wants a say in who moderates the next presidential debates.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus told The Daily Caller that the party does not only want to reduce the number of debates. The RNC, he said, also wants to explore the possibility of choosing who actually asks the questions during the debates.

“I think the party should have more control over who moderates, and we should have more control over the partners,” Priebus told TheDC. “And if we can come up with a mechanism to take more control over the debate processes, that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Maybe Mr. Priebus should go with the first journalist to release Hillary’s Benghazi e-mails. Maybe we’ll get our first Russian presidential debate moderator. Now that would be unprecedented!


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