More Gun Violence in Chicago’s Back (of the) Yards (and of course it’s the “Guns,” Right?)

Well it didn’t take long…

A warm night, “Midnight Basketball” and a large congregation of “probable” gang members enjoying a night of “B-Ball” in front of their audience of Parents, Girlfriends, and Kids.   A rival gang member with a gun, probably obtained through one of our Government’s ATF gang assistance programs like Fast and Furious. Note to Superintendent Garry McCarthy: We are still awaiting the name for the ATF gunrunning scandal involving illegal firearms entering Illinois via Evansville, Indiana. Police Superintendent McCarthy never mentions this minor detail, as he rails against the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois gun owners. Maybe it has something to do with his handlers?
Gun violence on Chicago’s South Side is nothing new. “Black on black” gang shootings are so commonplace that they are often reported as just a footnote, if reported at all.  But shootings involving a child victim are the exception. These horrible events have Chicago’s politically charged news pundits all frothing at the mouth, or even, dare I say it, “gleeful” at times.  Chicago politicos get excited about the opportunity to get their mugs on TV, but after they’ve exploited the latest tragedy for their own cynical political reasons, they quickly lose sight of the perpetrator and focus instead on the weapon.  Has anyone read the FBI’s Annual Uniform Crime Report?   It clearly states that more people are killed with hammers than assault style weapons (something that cannot yet be proven without the actual gun).  So when Superintendent McCarthy took the opportunity to predictably jump to the conclusion that the cause of this latest shooting is “guns,” he revealed his rabid anti-Second Amendment beliefs, and insulted the intelligence of those of us who know that this neighborhood is a case study in the family breakdown that results in violent crime.
What frosts ol’ Brutus the most is the lack of interest in a Government gunrunning scandal designed to abolish the Second Amendment!!!  That and a willing accomplice on Chicago PD who will not examine all the facts and evidence before opening his pie hole!

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  1. Well it was confirmed that all the shooters involved were gang members with lengthy police records… as if this is a surprise?

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