Ha Ha, That’s Rich: SNL Writer Bullies Barron Trump, Calls Him “Country’s First Homeschool Shooter”

Another MM (Millennial Moron) weighs in. You’re all class, Katie Rich!

Doesn’t this fool have a P**sy hat to put on and a march to attend?



Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich is taking heat after targeting President Donald Trump’s preteen son in an Inauguration Day tweet.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” Ms. Rich, 33, wrote from her Twitter account Friday amid festivities surrounding Mr. Trump’s swearing-in.

The jab was visible on the writer’s Twitter page for around three hours Friday before Ms. Rich deleted the tweet and set her account to private.

Screenshots of the comment continued to circulate online through Saturday morning, however, spurring condemnation and calls for Ms. Rich’s termination.

Whoa–Katie, Katie. What did your messiah, the Marxist Jackass himself, B. Hussein Obama say about leaving the kids out of it? Remember?

And here’s a shocker–this dolt doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Barron Trump is not home schooled. Much like this other fool, who claimed in the piece he wrote for the ridiculous Huffington Post, claiming that Hillary Clinton is the “legitimate president,” that “It should be added that until the 1970s, inaugurations commonly did not take place until March.” Uh no. I think this guy missed a teensy weensy detail, the 20th Amendment, which in 1933 (yes, I said 1933) set Inauguration Day at January 20. By the way, don’t bother going to the link to read this poor fool’s mistake. He revised the piece after I posted a comment pointing it out.

Back to Ms. Rich: Like the show that you write, this tweet is not funny, not clever, and not helpful. Please go away.

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