Hacked Emails: Hillary Had Volunteers Act as “Minders” for Reporters

Hacked: If we know one thing about Hillary Clinton, it’s this: she has a Nixon-on-steroids level of paranoia, and unlike protecting Americans she sent to Benghazi, she WILL move Heaven and Earth to coverup her conduct.


That was the reason for the outlaw email server. That is the reason that she hasn’t had an actual news conference in over 200 days.

Now we learn that she’s so paranoid that she has assigned her volunteers to keep an eye on certain reporters who might cause trouble with their pesky snooping.

From The Daily Mail:

The hacked Gmail account of one of Hillary Clinton’s volunteers shows how the campaign surveils journalists who might get too close to the candidate.

Emails phished by Guccifer 2.0, who’s dumped caches of documents from the Democratic National Committee onto the internet, show Clinton aides telling volunteer Sarah Hamilton to ‘keep an eye’ on certain reporters.

Hamilton’s Gmail account was hacked using a spoofed Gmail log-in page, according to the Smoking Gun, which released a handful of email conversations today.

And from The Smoking Gun report, an interesting tidbit about one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Lynn Sweet:
When Clinton visited Chicago in mid-March, the local press pool included Lynn Sweet, the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. In an e-mail to Hamilton (“Subject: Lynn Sweet”), campaign traveling press secretary Nick Merrill advised, “Let’s keep an eye on her.” Hamilton immediately replied, “Yes. I’m sitting next to her on the bus.”

Fun Fact: Check out the link to hear me ask Ms. Sweet I wanted to ask for over 6 years, about her writing back in 2007 that she wanted to follow Sen. Barack Obama into the locker room of their health club, Chicago’s East Bank Club, and hear her answer.

Many members of the media have stated that the Obama Regime is the least transparent administration in history, yet they still run cover for him. (More here and here.)

What do you think of Hillary’s holding the media, which is extremely friendly and has been working overtime to cover for her, at bay?

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