Halperin Agrees: FBI Corrupted, Now an Arm of Clinton Campaign

Note: this post is an update to this post.

Mark Halerin, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” states the obvious; that is, if there was any doubt about FBI Director Comey and his agency no longer being neutral law enforcement agents, but rather, Hillary Clinton enablers, last Friday’s release of the 302 reports on their 7/2/16 interview with her it made clear.

We have a corrupt Lame Stream Media, a corrupt IRS, a corrupt Department of (In)Justice, and now a corrupt FBI. If Hillary is elected, it will prove that the American people think that it’s ok that the Left has effectively turned our country into a banana republic.

Why do you think that FBI Director allowed himself and his agency to become what Mr. Halperin “an arm of the Clinton campaign?” Should we have suspected that his “sterling reputation” was never justified after the whole kerfuffle when he was John Ashcroft’s deputy, and he opposed the post-9/11 domestic surveillance put in place by the Bush administration? Is it possible that he gained this reputation in the same way that some Supreme Court justices get credit for having “grown” in office after they become liberals?

Not sure, but his disgraceful role in enabling Hillary’s crimes is very telling, IMO. What say you?


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