Hamas Kills One of Its Own Commanders Accused of Gay Sex and Theft

Hamas didn’t get the memo about how wrong it is to discriminate against people based on who they love.


From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times:

GAZA CITY — The death of Mahmoud Ishtiwi had all the trappings of a telenovela: sex, torture and embezzlement in Gaza’s most venerated and secretive institution, the armed wing of Hamas.

Mr. Ishtiwi, 34, was a commander from a storied family of Hamas loyalists who, during the 2014 war with Israel, was responsible for 1,000 fighters and a network of attack tunnels. Last month, his former comrades executed him with three bullets to the chest.

Adding a layer of scandal to the story, he was accused of moral turpitude, by which Hamas meant homosexuality. And there were whispers that he had carved the word “zulum” — wronged — into his body in a desperate kind of last testament.

Remember that the prominent and subversive Islamist front group, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) case. HLF raised funds for Hamas, and the successful prosecution for raising funds for terrorism also included several CAIR officials.

Of course, not everyone frowns on CAIR. From World Net Daily:

According to a statement on CAIR’s website, representatives from the two U.S.-based Islamic groups met with senior government officials on December 22, and pledged to work together to counter a decision by the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, on November 15, to put CAIR and MAS on its list of foreign terrorist groups.

The UAE also outlawed the two organizations and declared CAIR and MAS to be front groups for the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood.

The FBI severed contacts with CAIR in 2009 as “not an appropriate liaison partner” for the bureau because of evidence linking the group and its founders to Hamas, which the U.S. lists as a terrorist organization. Hamas runs Gaza and was founded as an offshoot of the jihadist organization the Muslim Brotherhood, based in Egypt.

We know that Obama is a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, so we shouldn’t be surprised, right?


  1. I did not know that Obama met with Mahmoud Ishtiwi. It must have been at one of his many golf outings where he was “hard at work” on his ISIL strategy. The Chicago way on the down low.

  2. It’s truly bizarre to see how people who routinely rape young boys get so uptight about the idea that one of their own is gay. Apparently same sex pedophilia doesn’t count as homosexuality in the Muslim world.

    • It’s really amazing, also, that the American Left, who would love to bring back hanging for any American who dares oppose so-called “same sex marriage,” also seems to adore CAIR and other Islamist front groups. They join Obama’s ridiculous view that terrorism and the other crimes committed by these head chopping lunatics have nothing to do with Islam.

      • Every time Muslims publicly torture and execute a gay person the silence from the pro-gay left is truly deafening.

        • It really is. How much longer will they get away with it?

          • Only time will tell.The combination of selective outrage and hypocrisy is nauseating to behold.

          • Consider that Bath House Barry has joined with his “brothers “n in the Muslim brotherhood to ignore the atrocities they commit. Valarie Jarret has him by the shot and curlies!

  3. I think that it’s more than a little disturbing that a woman born in Iran sits at the Presidents right hand and clearly has his ear as a senior adviser. In a deal that gave the Iranians everything they wanted and for which the US got virtually nothing in return, decades of sanctions brought on by Iran’s abhorrent behavior as the worlds leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism have been lifted and funds sufficient to finance decades of more Islamic terrorism have been handed to them.

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