Could You End Up Owing $407,000 in Medical Bills? That’s What Happened to This Las Vegas Man Thanks to Obamacare

I wonder if Sen. Harry Reid has heard of this guy? If he has, I wonder if he would call him a liar …From the Las Vegas Review Journal: 

The hospital bills are hitting Larry Basich’s mailbox. That would be OK if Basich had health insurance. But he doesn’t. Thing is, he should be covered. Basich, 62, bought a plan through the state’s Nevada Health Link insurance exchange in the fall. He’s been paying monthly premiums since November. Yet the Las Vegan is stranded in a no-man’s-land where no carrier claims him, and his tab is mounting: Basich owes $407,000 for care received in January and February, when his policy was supposed to be in effect. Instead, he’s covered only for March and beyond. Basich has begged for weeks for help from the exchange and its contractor, Xerox. But Basich’s insurance broker said Xerox seems more interested in lawyering up and covering its hide than in working out Basich’s problems. Nor is Basich the only client facing plan-selection errors through the exchange, she added. … Basich paid his first premium on Nov. 21, and within days the exchange withdrew the $160.77 payment from his money-market savings account. Because Basich paid a month before the Dec. 23 deadline, his coverage was to begin Jan. 1. Weeks ticked by, but Basich received nothing to confirm he had insurance. Nevada Health Link kept telling him he was enrolled, but UnitedHealthcare said he wasn’t in their system. Basich’s predicament went critical on Dec. 31, when he had a heart attack. His treatment, which included a triple bypass on Jan. 3, resulted in $407,000 in medical bills in January and February that no insurer is covering. Basich and his insurance broker, Tamar Burch of Branch Benefits Consultants, said the issue appears to be confusion at the state exchange. Xerox’s system says Basich chose a plan from another insurer, Nevada Health CO-OP, even though Basich has paperwork that shows he selected MyHPNSilver1. In short, Xerox can’t seem to decide where Basich belongs, Burch said. So the exchange is trying to compromise, putting Basich with Nevada Health CO-OP for January and February, when he incurred his bills, and with UnitedHealthcare from this month on. But CO-OP officials say Basich is not their member. Nevada Health CO-OP CEO Tom Zumtobel told the exchange board on Feb. 27 that the nonprofit carrier spent seven days with Xerox determining Basich’s eligibility, only to find that Basich hadn’t chosen the group’s coverage. “If he had picked our health plan, we would be advocating for a solution. But he didn’t pick us,” Zumtobel said. “We need someone on the board to advocate for him.” Why have four months passed without a resolution? “Xerox is truly out of their league. They need to understand they are an administrator, they are not an insurance company,” Burch said. “They need to understand their boundaries. They don’t understand this world. Everybody is at the mercy of Xerox, and they are not doing this right.”

The story by Jennifer Robison goes on to detail the bureaucratic nightmare that is Mr. Basich’s new reality. Of course, the story tries to create the impression that the reason for Mr. Basich’s misery is the incompetence or venality of Xerox, when in reality the real reason is the unworkable, ridiculous Obamacare scheme. Mr. Basich, you should blow in a call to your state’s senior U.S. senator and tell him what you’re experiencing. He is on the record as stating that Obamacare horror stories are manufactured by evil doers like those wicked Koch Brothers, one of whom just gave $100 million to New York Presbyterian Hospital.


  1. I predict that incidents like this one will soon become commonplace as more and more people attempt to use the so called Obamacare “insurance” that they think that they have purchased in good faith. I am quite curious to know if there is even a single case of anyone successfully using Obamacare “insurance” when they needed it. Under any other circumstances this type of activity would be considered fraud.

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