Happy Constitution Day: Ten Year Old Has Memorized the Whole Constitution, and Unlike Obama, Probably Will Be Eligible to Be POTUS Someday

MMM…I wonder if this poor waif knows that the Constitution is a document of “negative liberties?”

Scroll down to see the whole video of him recitation. It takes approximately 25 minutes, and he is talking really, really fast!

Since it is Constitution Day, I feel compelled to mention that, no matter what Donald Trump, the New York Times, CNN, that goofy looking bald guy on that network (which one? Any of them) or anyone else says, even if he was born in Hawaii, Barack Hussein Obama aka He Who Walks on Water aka “the One”  is not eligible to hold the office of President of the United States, and never has been, because he is not an Article II “Natural Born Citizen,” and never can be. Also not eligible: Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Marco Rubio, and numerous other politicians. I explain why here.

Please don’t blast me with tweets and other social network posts about this so-called “birther controversy.” I have always understood the actual issue is about Article II as the post I cited in the previous paragraph demonstrates. I was never, and am not now, a “birther.” I was, and remain, notwithstanding the fact that I live in the real world, and therefore understand that the fact that Obama was allowed to take the office of President, means that this ship has sailed, an Article II-er.

The Clinton campaign’s attempt to create an issue to distract from her obvious physical infirmity and many, many crimes and breathtaking lapses in judgement by reviving the questions about B. Hussein’s birthplace is a ploy to energize minority voters, who aren’t really fired up and ready to go vote for Hillary, as early voting begins. The suggestion that the question on Obama’s Constitutional eligibility has anything to do with race is something that is easy to pitch to people who couldn’t tell you what Article II says at gunpoint (sorry, Millennials, if that reference to guns should have a had a target alert. I hope that you make it to your safe space.) Of course, if they weren’t low information, emotionally-driven voters, they wouldn’t even consider voting for Hillary Clinton in the first place!

Many members of the so-called millennial generation, which has been accurately described by many as the dumbest generation, don’t have the first clue about any of our precious founding documents, thanks to the indoctrination they have received in government schools. The Left made it its mission over the last 50 years or so to brainwash young people, and based on what I see and hear, they have been very successful with so many of them, who appear to believe that the only issues worth being concerned about are the climate change hoax or so-called same sex marriage.

Ten year-old Nathan Bond has also memorized the Periodic Table and the Declaration of Independence. Did I mention that he is home schooled? Surprised? I didn’t think so.

Here is the whole video of him reciting the United States Constitution. God Bless America!

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