Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: Trayvon Martin Affidavit So Thin It Won’t Make It Past a Decent Judge (Headline Corrected)

Yesterday Harvard Law professor and liberal icon Alan Dershowitz appeared on MS-NBC’s Hardball, and declared that the case by the Trayvon Martin special prosecutor Angela Corey is not only weak because it is completely consistent with a claim of self-defense. It is unethical because it omits exculpatory evidence favorable to George Zimmerman. Clearly Dershowitz is disgusted by what he thinks is a politically-motivated over-charging by a grandstanding prosecutor.


Dershowitz also asked why all the records are sealed in this chase, and speculated that perhaps the prosecutor is in the process of making a deal with the defense. He’s probably correct, and the crime is probably going to be negligent homicide, or whatever the equivalent is in Florida.

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