Headline of the Day: “Calling for Calm in Ferguson, Obama Cites Need for Improved Race Relations”

Have you ever noticed how for the Left, paradise is always just over the horizon?

From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Obama called for calm and healing in Ferguson, Mo., on Monday even as he acknowledged the deep racial divisions that continue to plague not only that St. Louis suburb but cities across the United States.

“In too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement,” Mr. Obama said at the White House. “In too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear.”

“We’ve made extraordinary progress” in race relations, he said, “but we have not made enough progress.”

Of course we haven’t! If we ever decide to take Chief Justice Roberts’ advice and stop discriminating on the basis of race by no longer discriminating on the basis of race, where would the most successful race hustling grifters in history, the Obamas, and their fellow travelers, be? You think these people want to actually work in jobs in the private sector? Mooch washed out at a major Chicago law firm because she couldn’t do the work expected of a second-year associate, and had to seek relief in the warm bosom of government and quasi-government “community relations” for a hospital that relies on cozy relationships with government to get its funding. Barack Obama said he was “behind enemy lines” when he spent a brief stint working in the private sector. The current Attorney General of the United States is an unabashed racialist, who makes no effort to disguise his obsession with the continued racism of our country and his belief that his job is to redress it.

The race card has been and continues to be their golden tickets, and so we will always need to continue to “improve,” even though he led many gullible people to believe that he was going to fix this problem once and for all.


  1. “Well I can’t really think of any instance where you need to shoot an unarmed guy 6 times”

    I can. When the unarmed guy is 6’4”, weighs 300 pounds, is high on drugs, and charging at you like a bull elephant (after having already physically attacked you once with such force that you suffer a fracture of your eye-socket).

    “There’s no evidence he charged at him yet”

    Actually, there is evidence he was charging at him. There are approximately a dozen eyewitness accounts that all confirm he was indeed charging towards the police officer.

    “because if there was wouldn’t there be a trail of blood leading towards the officer?”

    Do you know for a fact that no such blood trail exists?” To the best of my knowledge, no photos of the scene have been released to the public. I suspect that when those photos are made public that is exactly what you will see.

  2. Here’s what the race-baiters and liberal news media won’t tell you about the Ferguson, Mo. shooting of a young black man: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/08/20/missouri-cop-was-badly-beaten-before-shooting-michael-brown-says-source/ I suppose that the continued riots must be good for the news ratings… Shameful! Brutus

  3. Thanks so much, DiscoStu!

  4. Seriously? Oh I think if you try a little harder you can. Have you seen the size of this guy?

  5. “There’s no evidence yet that confirms that report besides the claim of some testimony that I believe is anonymous.”

    There is a great deal of evidence and it is currently being collected by investigators. None of this evidence will be released to the public until the investigation is complete. If the investigators did release any incriminating evidence against Mr. Brown you would be crying foul and accusing them of biasing the investigation. If the lack of officially released evidence is your standard for making judgments then every investigation must be suspect to you.

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