“Heartbroken” Clinton Supporter Happens Upon Her in the Woods


OK, are you buying this “I just ran into Hillary” photo?

What an amazing coincidence! This “heartbroken” Hillary suppporter, Margot Gerster, posted on her Facebook page about running into Bill and Hillary while walking in the woods.

As you know, I hate to fall prey to the corrosive cynicism that afflicts so many today, but when it comes to the Clintons, I don’t think one can discount the possibility that this photo might be–well, just sayin…–staged.

It reminds me of the infamous LA Times photo of Bill and Hillary dancing on the beach in their swimsuits right before we learned the whole sordid Monica Lewinsky story. Remember that cringe-inducing snapshot? God, how awkward that must have been to stage. This one less so, but still, it’s a tad too convenient, especially the part about her telling Hillary how proud she was to vote for her with her infant daughter in tow.

I note that the NBC News story that carried this photo says that the Facebook post has been taken down.

What say you? Am I being too cynical, or do you agree with me that, when it comes to the Clintons, we need to remember the words of Lily Tomlin, that every time we think we are being too cynical, we realize that we can’t keep up.

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