Another Heartwarming Story About Obamacare Helping an Uninsured Hard-Working, Middle Class Person

shuttered hospital

Because obfuscation and deceit are essential skills for the savvy leftist, one of his essential tools is the use of Orwellian language. The “Affordable Care Act” is making health insurance unaffordable, and the “hard-working middle class” is the group being hurt the most. For example, uninsured real estate agent, Pam Renshaw, who was badly burned. From Bloomerg:

Pam Renshaw had just crashed her four-wheeler into a bonfire in rural Folkston, Georgia, and her skin was getting seared in the flames. Her boyfriend, Billy Chavis, pulled her away and struggled to dial 911 before driving her to the nearest place he could think of for medical attention: an ambulance station more than 20 miles away.

The local public hospital, 9 miles from the crash, had closed six weeks earlier because of budget shortfalls resulting from Obamacare and Georgia’s decision not to expand Medicaid. The ambulances Chavis sought were taking other patients to the next closest hospital. It took two hours before Renshaw, in pain from second- and third-degree burns on almost half her body, was flown to a hospital in Florida.
At least five public hospitals closed this year and many more are scaling back services, mostly in states where Medicaid wasn’t expanded. Patients in areas with shuttered hospitals must travel as far as 40 miles (64 kilometers) to get care, causing delays that can result in lethal consequences, said Bruce Siegel, chief executive officer of America’s Essential Hospitals, a Washington-based advocacy group for facilities that treat large numbers of uninsured or low-income patients.
“Everyone in a community will be affected,” Siegel said. “We could see the end of life-saving services, and patients would bear the brunt.”

If you talk to the Regime, they will say stories like this one are examples of the cruelty of evil Republican governors who refused to expand Medicaid, but the truth is that Obamacare cut the subsidies to hospitals that treat the uninsured, which means they have to close. Who can blame governors for refusing to play Obama’s shell game? They know that the federal government is picking up 100% of the cost of the increased Medicaid for only the first three years. After that, the feds kick in only 90%. States can’t print money, so that 10% will bankrupt them.

The governors of these deep blue states are banking on a bailout from the federal government, so that the citizens of fiscally-responsible states can pay for their profligate spending, yet another example of the hallmark of Barack Obama’s presidency: wealth and income redistribution.

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