Hell Freezes Over. I Agree with Michael Moore.

It’s true. You’ll probably agree with him, too.

“President Romney.” Do you like the sound of that as much as I do?


  1. facebook_barney.quick

    His facial expression conveyed sincere resignation about this. He may have his own reason for his conclusion but it can’t help but dovetail with ours: the Left is out of intellectual gas and any real moral foundation for their worldview. This juncture coincided with renewed fire in the belly on the part of those to the right of the ideological center line. It’s palpable even to Michael.

  2. Then what would that Obamacare loving hypocrite say about this…

    Republican Platform Calls for Value-added Tax Scheme


  3. I love you, Ellen M, political disagreements be damned! Your governor did an awesome job in her convention speech, IMO!
    BTW, do you think Michael Moore is right?

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