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As I mentioned on the 10/3/10 edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, on his Real Time show, Bill Maher issued a plaintive cry for help, one that I am sure was especially meant for me. Instead of his usual one token “conservative” (and by conservative I mean some squishy, panty-wearing New York Times columnist who accepts 89% of the liberals’ world view, but who once said something semi-nice about George W. Bush), he had none. So, he offered the audience the opportunity to text him questions for his panel of pinheads, including Cornel West, Arianna Huffington and Joe Klein. Sadly, Mr. Bill found none of their questions worthy of asking, including one that I can paraphrase as “New Rule: Liberals can’t call any other candidate crazy as long as Alan Grayson is running for any office anywhere on the planet.” Here’s the audio.


Bill dismissed this question as an example of the sort of fallacy of phony equivalency, what he called “fake fairness” that conservatives are so wont to commit. What Alan Grayson did wasn’t so bad. It was just a “wrong ad” in which he called his opponent Daniel Webster “Taliban Dan.” Casual listeners might think that Bill was addressing the obviously ridiculous and over the top name calling when he called the ad “wrong,” which is a sensible conclusion. In fact, the blatant ad hominem nature of the attack from Crazy Alan is just his usual insane, attention-getting babbling, which everyone expects from him and would pass without noting. This ad is much worse. It features a charming technique we might call “creative adaptation,” in which video is selectively edited to make it appear that the speaker is saying the precise opposite of what he actually said! From the Washington Examiner:

The “Taliban Dan” ad features video snippets from remarks Webster made to a Christian gathering in 2009. Addressing a group of men, Webster discussed the Biblical admonition for wives to submit to husbands, telling them they should not use the passage as a guide for their married lives. But the Grayson ad pulled out bits of video to make it appear that Webster was telling women to submit to their husbands.

No problem there, right Bill? I suppose that this sort of underhanded slimy campaigning from a leftwing lunatic is completely justified to keep the Dear Reader’s party in power. I know how you lefties love that “ends justify the means” idea. Please don’t try to keep masquerading as a serious person, though. I hate pretend, (and pretentious) pompous prevaricators.

So, please help me straighten Bill out by emailing the show (link here) or #billmaher on Twitter or on his Facebook Fan Page.


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