Here He Goes Again: Obama’s Farcical Lecture at the Holocaust Museum

Be prepared this week for an orgy of incessant LSM slobbering over B. Hussein Obama’s foreign policy superstardom, which was supposedly demonstrated by last year’s killing of Osama bin Laden. Giving Barack Obama credit for killing bin Laden is like giving Richard Nixon credit for the moon landing. This childish rejoinder to anyone who questions the Dear Reader’s clueless performance on the international stage (“He killed bin Laden!”) is tailor made for the low-information saps that the Obama campaign so successfully got to the polls in 2008, but slogans are no substitute for genuine leadership, an understanding of America’s place in the world and serious decision making.

This morning’s embarrassment was his speech at the Holocaust museum, in which he again demonstrated his greatest skill, as noted by Dr. Thomas Sowell, “the ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring.”

For example, here’s what he said about the state of Israel:

“Never again” is a challenge to defend the fundamental right of free people and free nations to exist in peace and security — and that includes the State of Israel.  And on my visit to the old Warsaw Ghetto, a woman looked me in the eye, and she wanted to make sure America stood with Israel.  She said, “It’s the only Jewish state we have.”  And I made her a promise in that solemn place.  I said I will always be there for Israel.

So when efforts are made to equate Zionism to racism, we reject them.  When international fora single out Israel with unfair resolutions, we vote against them.  When attempts are made to delegitimize the state of Israel, we oppose them.

MMM …”when efforts are made to equate Zionism to racism, we reject them.” To whom, I wonder, does that pronoun “we” refer? Does it include one of Obama’s bud’s, Rashid Khalidi?Back in 2008, before the One’s coronation, Andrew Sullivan wrote about Mr. Khalidi and a dandy soirée attended by not only Barack, but his friends “from the neighborhood,” Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. From National Review:

Why is the Los Angeles Times sitting on a videotape of the 2003 farewell bash in Chicago at which Barack Obama lavished praise on the guest of honor, Rashid Khalidi — former mouthpiece for master terrorist Yasser Arafat?

At the time Khalidi, a PLO adviser turned University of Chicago professor, was headed east to Columbia. There he would take over the University’s Middle East-studies program (which he has since maintained as a bubbling cauldron of anti-Semitism) and assume the professorship endowed in honor of Edward Sayyid, another notorious terror apologist.

The party featured encomiums by many of Khalidi’s allies, colleagues, and friends, including Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator, and Bill Ayers, the terrorist turned education professor. It was sponsored by the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), which had been founded by Khalidi and his wife, Mona, formerly a top English translator for Arafat’s press agency.

For a full appreciation of how ludicrous it is for Barack Obama to try to masquerade as a great friend of Israel, who rejects radical leftwing, Palestinian talking points, please read Andrew’s entire piece. Perhaps the Los Angeles Times might let us see the tape of this fabulous party before November. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Since apparently this travesty wasn’t ridiculous enough, In the same section of this morning’s remarks, Obama also spoke about Iran as follows:

When faced with a regime that threatens global security and denies the Holocaust and threatens to destroy Israel, the United States will do everything in our power to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

How’s that working out, Barry? As Charles Krauthammer noted back in 2009, when the Iranian regime brutally repressed its own people, demonstrating for freedom, where was Obama?

. Millions of Iranians take to the streets to defy a theocratic dictatorship that, among its other finer qualities, is a self-declared enemy of America and the tolerance and liberties it represents. The demonstrators are fighting on their own, but they await just a word that America is on their side.

And what do they hear from the president of the United States? Silence. Then, worse. Three days in, the president makes clear his policy: continued “dialogue” with their clerical masters.

Dialogue with a regime that is breaking heads, shooting demonstrators, expelling journalists, arresting activists. Engagement with — which inevitably confers legitimacy upon — leaders elected in a process that begins as a sham (only four handpicked candidates permitted out of 476) and ends in overt rigging.

Then, after treating this popular revolution as an inconvenience to the real business of Obama-Khamanei negotiations, the president speaks favorably of “some initial reaction from the Supreme Leader that indicates he understands the Iranian people have deep concerns about the election.”

Where to begin? “Supreme Leader”? Note the abject solicitousness with which the American president confers this honorific on a clerical dictator who, even as his minions attack demonstrators, offers to examine some returns in some electoral districts — a farcical fix that will do nothing to alter the fraudulence of the election.

As for preventing this dangerous government from getting nuclear weapons, the only way to make that happen, Mr. Krauthammer notes, is regime change, and by ignoring the cries of the repressed in Iran, Mr. Foreign Policy Genius missed a golden opportunity.

Even from the narrow perspective of the nuclear issue, the administration’s geopolitical calculus is absurd. There is zero chance that any such talks will denuclearize Iran. On Monday, Ahmadinejad declared yet again that the nuclear “file is shut, forever.” The only hope for a resolution of the nuclear question is regime change, which (if the successor regime were as moderate as pre-Khomeini Iran) might either stop the program, or make it manageable and nonthreatening.

That’s our fundamental interest. And our fundamental values demand that America stand with demonstrators opposing a regime that is the antithesis of all we believe.

And where is our president? Afraid of “meddling.” Afraid to take sides between the head-breaking, women-shackling exporters of terror — and the people in the street yearning to breathe free. This from a president who fancies himself the restorer of America’s moral standing in the world.

It is clear that Iran’s objective is nuclear weapons capability and unfortunately, the Obama administration missed the chance to get rid of the current America and Israel-hating bunch in charge there.

Have I mentioned lately what an embarrassment this braying jackass is? OK, just making sure.


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