VIDEO: Here is What A Weasel Mitt “Conservative as 2nd Language” Romney Really Is

I think you probably realize that Mitt Romney is a phony, but I don’t think even I realized how venal he and the Establishment GOP could be.

Here he is praising Donald Trump and speaking about how delighted he is to have his endorsement.

As you well know, this morning 2012 GOP loser Mitt Romney will go out and try to do a hatchet job on the party’s current front runner Donald Trump. Apparently, the establishment worms have decided that the bad standup that they wrote for Sen. Marco Rubio aka Amnesty Boy isn’t doing the job. For some reason, you stupid voters don’t get it! So, they are sending out the guy who lost last time to explain how nominating someone who has brought millions of new voters into the GOP is a very bad idea. Romney will call Trump a “fraud” and claim that his nomination guarantees that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election. We should probably listen. After all, if you can show me someone who knows more about winning presidential elections than Mitt Romney, I’d like to see that person.

Funny thing, though, just 4 years ago, Mitt’s opinion of Donald Trump was very different, as the video above illustrates.

Could these RINO’s be anymore pathetic? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

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