Hey Laquan Protestors, Look Over Here. 8 Killed 20 Wounded in Thanksgiving Weekend Shootings in Chicago

Over Thanksgiving weekend, 8 people were shot dead in Chicago, including on Friday afternoon while useful idiots were protesting the death of Laquan McDonald.

From the always-insightful Marathon Pundit:

While I have to wonder why it took more than a year for Van Dyke to be charged, the justice system is working. But that’s not good enough for the Black Lives Matter leftists, so they disrupted traffic, shopping, and most importantly, harmed the livelihoods of the people who work at North Michigan Avenue retail outlets, most of whom don’t make much money.

During Thanksgiving weekend, there were eight shooting deaths in Chicago, including one on Friday afternoon while the Black Lives Matter protest was taking place. All of victims were men, at least five of these homicide victims were black. There were no protests in the neighborhoods where these men were gunned down. No one has been charged in any of these murders as of this writing, which is not unusual because most Chicago homicides go unsolved.

At least 20 other people were wounded  over the weekend in shootings all across the city.

Nationally, between 1980 and 2008 ninety-three percent of black murder victims were murdered by other blacks. There’s no reason to believe those figures aren’t radically different in 2015 Chicago.

More about all the Thanksgiving weekend excitement in the Windy City in this Fox News story, which is your basic police blotter.

Gee, where was Obama when this was going on in his adopted home town, other than hiding under the bed when another fence jumper made it over the White House fence? After enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, and God knows what else–he had no public events scheduled for Thursday or Friday–he was off to Paris for that all-important summit on that immediate threat to our national security, “climate change.” And get this: the worthless mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,  went to this moronic meeting, too. Even she will do anything to get out of the hellhole she and generations of previous democrat “leaders” have created.

Please share your thoughts in the comments about why we haven’t heard anything from “Barack” as his fans like to call him about these Chicago shootings. I know it’s nothing unusual, but I thought #BlackLivesMatter. Or is that just one of those hashtag thingies?


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