Hey Obama, want to Start a War in Syria? We’ve Got a Few Questions First: The Teri O’Brien Show 9-8-13


Last week our glorious Dear Reader traveled overseas to put on a fascinating, albeit a bit frightening, display of his narcissistic personality disorder in two separate news conferences. Responding to questions about Syria, he made the bizarre claim that his credibility isn’t on the line, and that the “red line” that has been crossed is not his. By Friday, I realized that he is so delusional that he probably believes these bizarre claims, which makes it even scarier. Barack Obama has achieved what seemed impossible; that is, he’s turned the Middle East into an even bigger disaster than it was before he was able to apply the power of his magnificent charm and intelligence to the situation. Libya, Egypt and now Syria. Heckuva of job, Barry!

Speaking of narcissism, Michelle “First Klingon” Obama has decided that her “Let’s Move” initiative has created a “cultural shift.” Seriously?

The American people are burning up telephone wires expressing their extreme unwillingness to go along with this war designed to rescue Obama from the consequences of his own ineptness. This is not the time to give up. If you haven’t called your member of Congress, you need to do so tomorrow, or Tuesday. For inspiration, here’s the script that I used for my call last Friday.

As stated here, this boneheaded proposal for a Syrian misadventure is the stupidest idea in the world. Even I didn’t think that a liberal could come up with a more ridiculous foreign policy idea, even an unqualified empty suit, radical leftist/former “community organizer,” doing so for obvious political reasons. Why are Speaker John Boehner and Leader Eric Cantor supporting this madness? I have a theory, a couple actually. Do you?

It won’t be all Syria all the time on the show today, though. We’re delighted to welcome Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere, radio host and author of Sexy Brilliance … and other Political Lies. If you haven’t heard Kevin before, you don’t want to miss this interview. This guy pulls no punches. I can’t wait to ask him about his controversial comments about feminists! And, in the face of horrifically high levels of high unemployment in the black community, what does he make of black voters unshakeable support for Barack Obama?

Be ahead of the curve. Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


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