What Was Your Highest Heart Rate During Cardio in 2013? Here’s Mine.

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You guys realize that I know a thing or two about working out, right?

It’s official. I will not be doing any additional cardio in 2013. (Running for another glass of champagne doesn’t count). So, now, as promised yesterday, I can present my MAX HR during this past year’s cardio. Before I do, I should share that I firmly believe that measurement is motivation, so I have a weekly metric for minutes of cardio (minimum 200), which of course does not include my two weekly resistance workouts with the other two Gym Goddesses™, and my weekly yoga class.

OK, now the big (actually pretty anti-climactic, but here it is) reveal. The highest heart rate I experienced during cardio during 2013 was 193 beats per minute. My target is in the 140-155 range, and that’s where it was during most workouts, but I have been experimenting with adding some higher intensity cardio workouts, and that’s what caused the huge spike.

So what was your highest heart rate during cardio curing 2013? Please post your answer in the comments, tweet it to twitter.com/teriobrien, or the Facebook wall for the group Fans of the Teri O’Brien Show. 

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