Hillary Called Out By Vet on Email Double Standard, Lies Again

Hillary’s response to vet John Lester about the double standard for her v. the little people. Since some of my listeners asked me how Hillary handled this question, I am posted the video from last night’s NBC “Commander in Chief Forum.”

Communicated on a separate system? Took national security information very seriously? Did exactly what she was supposed to do? Three strikes, Lady. More lies and lies about lies.

Talking about email headers does not absolve this woman, who is allegedly the most qualified person ever to run for president, from dealing appropriately with confidential information. The absence or presence of a header doesn’t excuse her. What is she, some mentally-challenged clerk who isn’t supposed to have a clue what she is dealing with? It’s ludicrous!

The FBI director stated clearly that she sent and received classified information. End of story. Header, my rear end! C’mon, Lady!

At least she didn’t talk about wiping her server “with a cloth,” (no, actually, you lying witch, you did it with BleachBit), or joke about messages deleting themselves on Snapchat. Arrogant much?

What’s so f’ing funny, you hag? You seem pretty confident that you are going to get away with obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and violations of the Espionage Act. So far, so good. FBI Director Comey, who has been compromised and corrupted like nearly everyone else who comes near the Obama Regime and should probably resign, laid out the case on July 5. The voters are going to be the jury on November 8.


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